Difficult Pregnancies

Listen to the stories of two women who had difficult pregnancies. God may seem distant at difficult times, but he is still with us. And he hurts along with us.


Hospitality is about welcoming and making people comfortable in your home. God is hospitable. We should follow his example of welcoming and caring for others.

Disability / Jesus Heals a Blind Man

Listen to a program on how to help people with disabilities. Jesus Christ, God's Son, met someone with a disability and helped him!

Clean Water / God's Cleansing

Often, an important medicine when our body is sick is lots of clean water. An important medicine for our minds and hearts is lots of clean, helpful thoughts.

Hot Water as Medicine / Only One God

Hot water can be used to heal our bodies. It must be quite hot, not lukewarm to work. God wants us to be ‘hot’, not lukewarm, in our relationship with Him.

Ice as Medicine / Kind Words

Cold water or ice can soothe many different injuries. Calm words can cool a "hot" and angry heart. Listen how to use either ice or gentle words to bring healing.

A Special Drink / Life Giving Water

A glass of water, a teaspoon of sugar and ¼ teaspoon of salt? What's that drink a remedy for? Jesus offered a Samaritan woman a special drink, too.

Malaria / Parable of the Great Feast

Learn about the symptoms, treatment and prevention of malaria. Jesus’ parable of the great feast shows God’s invitation is for all, but many make excuses.

Pest Control / Naomi's Call to Mission

Our gardener suggests natural ways of protecting your garden from common pests. Listen as Naomi tells how God’s word protected her from scary pests like fear!

Foot Care / Jesus Washes Feet

Learn about care for your feet with massage, hygiene, footwear, and exercises. Jesus gave us an example by washing his followers’ feet.

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