Learning Through Play / Lydia Finds God

Did you know it's important for children to enjoy games like Hide and Seek? Hear about Lydia who was looking for God with all her heart and found him!

Leporosy / All Things Made New

Leprosy is something you don't hear much about in some parts of the world, but it's a disease that many people are frightened of. Listen to this informative program!

Introducing Solid Foods to Your Baby / Courage

Mothers often wish their babies arrived with an instruction book, but they don't! We can help with some tips about introducing a baby to solid foods.

Planning Your Family / Wisdom That Comes From God

Here is some information on planning the size of your family. We need God's guidance as we make decisions for our family.

Mosquitoes / Recognizing the Creator

Mosquitoes spread diseases. Learn how to protect yourself from them. And hear about Paul and Barnabus at Lystra.

Vaccinations / Paul at Athens

Did you know that smallpox killed millions of people, but has now been eradicated from the entire world? It's because of one thing: vaccination!

Stuttering / What's in your Heart?

Find out about stuttering. What causes it and how we can help someone who stutters?

Hypertension / Woman at Jesus' Feet

Have you had your blood pressure checked recently? Learn about the dangers of high blood pressure.

Abuse Survivors

Learn about the effects of abuse. People can find true freedom in Christ, who is Lord over sin and spirits.

Drugs and Alcohol / Resisting Temptation

Are you aware of the dangers of abusing drugs or alcohol? We can look to God for confidence and strength to resist temptation.

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