First Aid / David Runs from Saul

Mr Gondwe shows his friends how to take care of a cut. Learn how to trust God to deal with those who hurt you and tell lies about you

Eating Disorders / Our View of God

Valerie shares her daughter’s struggles with an eating disorder; she had a distorted view of herself. There was a time when God’s people had a distorted view of Him.

Music for Children / Psalms Praise

Emily tells us how we can use music and song to help a young child develop physical skills. God deserves our songs of praise!

Love is a Choice /Peaceful Words

Tita learns to stop being angry and talk in a positive way to her husband. Sally shares how to change from using quarrelsome words to encouraging words.

Stress / Accepting Things You Cannot Change

What can cause stress in your life? How do you cope with it? Learn how to turn to God for help in times of stress.

Beauty / God Made Us Beautiful

What's the difference between outer beauty and the inner beauty? No matter what we look like, God made us beautiful in his eyes.

Rest / Come to Me and Rest

Everyone needs rest! We can only find true rest in knowing Jesus.

Our Precious Hands

Washing hands is a valuable way to help fight the spread of disease. We should use our precious hands not just for ourselves but for others too.

Typhoid / David and Goliath

Do you know how to identify, avoid and treat typhoid fever? We'll hear how to put our trust in God and his word, not human resources.

Coping with Grief / Comfort in Grief

How can grief affect a person? How can we work through grief in order to heal and move on with life? One thing is that we can take comfort from God’s word.

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