Relative in Prison / Trust in God

Did you know that God is with you in trouble and can bring good from it? Marj shares her experience of a son in prison, and Diane gives some practical advice about visiting a prison.

Kidney Stones / The Unjust Judge

Dr Kerryn tells us important information about the diagnosis and treatment of kidney stones. God is quick to hear, He cares about our needs, and wants to bring justice.

The Carer / God Made Each of us Special

Jules shares her experience as a Carer and Betty tells her story of her own child with a disability. God loves each of us the same no matter what our ability or disability.

Suicide / Abundant Life

Learn about the causes and prevention of suicide, and and how to help. Jesus offers us life in its fullness and a reason to live, if we trust him.

Self Care / Rest in Jesus

Women, you all care of others so taking care of yourself is important! God cares how we feel so we can take our burdens to him.

AIDS / Eternal Life

This program looks at facts about AIDS, diagnosis and prevention. In the Bible, we can read about how God gave laws to his people to help them live good lives.

Child Safety / Treasure in Heaven

Hear information about child safety in the home. When we put our trust in Jesus, we can feel truly rich, truly safe, for now, and for eternity.

Rebekah and Isaac

Who you promise to marry is important! When God gives us a promise in his word we can really trust him to do it!

Addictions / Finding God

Diane tells her personal story of substance addiction and the original cause. And, she tells how she found God.

Sex Before Marriage / God's Perspective

Listen as two teenager girls argue about the risks of pregnancy, disease and relational damage from premarital sex.

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