Pains in the Chest / Consequences of Sin

Everything we do has consequences. We sometimes eat food or do things without thinking about what will happen later as a result!

Older People / Simeon and Anna

Today we are taking about how older people can make the most of life. The Bible tells of Simeon and Anna, two people who had a special understanding of God.

Hearing Loss / The Story of Jonah

It is crucial to go to the doctor if you think your child is not hearing properly. And it is important to know how to care for a deaf child.

Making Healthy Changes / Naomi's Story

Friends are good to have when you're trying to make healthy changes in your life. Naomi tells about a time when she needed support and help.

Budgeting / Biblical Thinking about Money

Did you know that God’s word has a lot to say about our attitudes to money? We need to understand that everything we have comes from God.

Shingles / Healing of the Lame Man

This informative program gives the symptoms and treatment for Shingles. And listen to a story of how the power of Jesus brought healing to a lame man.

Difficult Pregnancies

Listen to the stories of two women who had difficult pregnancies. God may seem distant at difficult times, but he is still with us. And he hurts along with us.


Hospitality is about welcoming and making people comfortable in your home. God is hospitable. We should follow his example of welcoming and caring for others.

Disability / Jesus Heals a Blind Man

Listen to a program on how to help people with disabilities. Jesus Christ, God's Son, met someone with a disability and helped him!

Clean Water / God's Cleansing

Often, an important medicine when our body is sick is lots of clean water. An important medicine for our minds and hearts is lots of clean, helpful thoughts.

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