David's Mighty Men

Pro Basketball players who can shoot with either hand were not as skilled as some of David's soldiers who were deadly accurate using a slingshot with either hand. How else were they skilled? Listen to Chuck Smith answer that question in today's edition of "The Word for Today".

The Prophecy of Jesus

Since we have the New Testament, why do we need to study the Old Testament? This edition of "The Word for Today" by Chuck Smith, gives a solid answer to that question.

The Resurrection of Jesus

How is it that the Bible says "they touched his feet as they worshipped Him" but it also says that Jesus said elsewhere, "Don't touch me"?

The Crucifixion of Jesus

Pastor Chuck expounds upon the effect of sin upon a relationship with God, including...

The Soldiers Mocked Jesus

Marred, swollen, bruised. How do you picture Jesus when the soldiers mocked Him and beat on Him?

What Will We Do With Jesus?

One of the most interesting questions each person must answer is...

Jesus Delivered to Pontius Pilate

Why would they bother to hold a pre-trial of Jesus?

Sleep Now and Take Your Rest

What really happened in the Garden of Gethsemane? What Pastor Chuck shares in today's episode may surprise you.

Singing a Psalm on the Mount of Olives

What would it have been like to sing along with Jesus? What will it be like to sing along with Jesus?

Ointment for Jesus' Burial

Was Judas the hero others have made him out to be?

When Jesus Comes in Glory

What does it matter how we treat others?

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