Episode 1: Prologue

"Even when the King alone existed, He was never alone." How could that be possible? Did the world begin by evolution or creation? How can you get to know this King?

Episode 9: The King's Entrance

After a quick review of the Old Testament, the story continues with the New Testament. Why do we have four Gospels telling of one story? How did the promised Savior/Messiah come into the world? What is the real reason of Christmas? Who were Mary and Joseph?

Episode 10: The King's Character

What would it have been like to grow up with Jesus in your family? Who was John the Baptist? Why did John the Baptist call Jesus the lamb of God? Why did Satan temp Jesus? How did Jesus compare to Adam?

Episode 12: The King's Mission

How did Jesus feed more than 5000 people with only 5 loaves of bread and 2 small fish? How should people who believe in Jesus live? How should we pray? Why would Jesus say He is the light of the world? What was the "Transfiguration"?

Episode 14: The King's Sacrifice & Triumph

Why was Jesus crucified on Calvary? Why did one criminal go to heaven and one criminal not? What is Easter all about? What is the resurrection? Who saw Jesus after the resurrection?

Episode 15: The King's Gospel & Glory

Jesus met two disciples on the road to Emmaus and spoke of how the old prophets spoke of Jesus throughout the scriptures. What difference did it make? How did Jesus treat "doubting Thomas"? What was the ascension? What did Jesus tell his disciples they should be doing? What is the Great Commission?

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