A Mayor's Concept of God

Sandra Wingert singing How Excellent is Thy Name? Ralph Sider singing I Am Not Skilled to Understand Gospel Tide Hour Choir singing Immortal, Invisible and Glorify Thy Name in All the Earth

Kingdoms in Conflict

The Rise and Conquest of Christianity The Wrights singing If God Before Us Sandra Wingert singing Have You Counted the Cost Gospel Tide Hour Choir singing Let All the World in Every Corner Sing

Changed Behaviors

The Ministers singing He's Got the Whole World in His Hands Wayne Fleat Quartet singing You've Got to Live Your Religion Every Day Gospel Tide Hour Choir singing I've Been Changed and I've Been Adopted


Easter Message Sandra Wingert singing Christ the Lord is Risen Today The Gilmore Trio singing Until Then Gospel Tide Hour choir singing The Tomb is Empty and Triumphantly the Church will Rise

Recognizing the Devil's Deeds

Some people don't believe Satan exists. Some people make fun of the devil, not realizing who he is or what he does. How can you recognize the devils' tactics and deeds?

Devilish Destruction & Despair

When the Spirit of God burdens us with something, we are expected to do something about it. Our culture has slipped in dependence upon God. What can we do to return to Biblical principles?

Fundamentals of Prayer Part 8

Many people do most of their praying when they are in the middle of a problem. In today’s story, we will see that it was in the middle of the problem that there was a genuine cry for God’s help.

Fundamentals of Prayer Part 7

Today we will take one more look at the need and importance of prayer. Hopefully, you are being challenged to grow in your personal prayer life.

Fundamentals of Prayer Part 6

A man was lost in the woods. Later, he told of his experience, of how frightened he was and how he had prayed. “Did God answer your prayer?” Someone asked. “Oh no! He replied. “Before God had a chance, a guide came along and showed me the path.”

Fundamentals of Prayer Part 5

A farmer was in town over the lunch hour and stopped in at a restaurant for a hamburger and fries. When he was served, he quietly bowed his head and gave the Lord thanks for his food. Some tough looking guys at a nearby table saw him and decided to give him a hard time. One of them said, “Hey Farmer, does everyone do that where you live?” The farmer looked over and said, “No, the pigs and the donkeys don’t.”

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