Fundamentals of Prayer Part 7

Today we will take one more look at the need and importance of prayer. Hopefully, you are being challenged to grow in your personal prayer life.

Fundamentals of Prayer Part 6

A man was lost in the woods. Later, he told of his experience, of how frightened he was and how he had prayed. “Did God answer your prayer?” Someone asked. “Oh no! He replied. “Before God had a chance, a guide came along and showed me the path.”

Fundamentals of Prayer Part 5

A farmer was in town over the lunch hour and stopped in at a restaurant for a hamburger and fries. When he was served, he quietly bowed his head and gave the Lord thanks for his food. Some tough looking guys at a nearby table saw him and decided to give him a hard time. One of them said, “Hey Farmer, does everyone do that where you live?” The farmer looked over and said, “No, the pigs and the donkeys don’t.”

Fundamentals of Prayer Part 4

Prayer not only releases the power of God to work on issues and circumstances, prayer releases God’s power to work on and change me.

Fundamentals of Prayer Part 3

Last week we looked at biblical characters and considered what would have happened if they would not have prayed. We also looked at biblical ramifications if we don’t pray. Quick review of what we covered last week. Today I want to look at a model of prayer and see what happens when we do pray. Next week in Part 3, we are going to look at biblical reasons why we should pray.

Fundamentals of Prayer Part 2

Pray is not so much knowing what words to say or how to say them. Prayer is like connecting to the 911 emergency systems. All you need to do is dial those numbers and you will instantly be connected to the dispatcher. Automatically, there will be a display of your address, name and phone number. There will be an instant connection to the police, the fire department and the paramedics. All you need to say is, “I need help,” and help will be one the way. God knows our needs before we even ask, but we need to make the call.

Fundamentals of Prayer Part 1

Prayer is the pole that connects us to the source of power. Regardless of past contact, or future ambitions, if we are not connected at this moment, we are powerless to move forward. I want to talk today about prayer. Have you ever stopped and taken the time to think about prayer? Where would you be if someone had not prayed for you?

There is a Savior

What is the most unique birth announcement you’ve ever seen? Today we are going to look at a birth announcement like no other in history.

Expressing God's Love at Christmas Part 2

What does God’s love look like when it is seen in the life of an individual?

Expressing God's Love at Christmas Part 1

Everyone wants to celebrate Christmas, but not many want to celebrate the Christ of Christmas. I want to remind you that you can’t have Christmas without Christ.

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