Christ Jesus Glorified In The Family

What are the pictures of the family in Christ and His Church?

Life in Christ Jesus

What is imperative for one to receive the life of Jesus?

From Darkness to Light

Gratitude is the overflowing response of one who has experienced the grace and goodness of the Lord.

Conformer or Transformer

How is true worship realized?

The Folded Napkin In An Empty Tomb

The resurrection of Jesus Christ destroys Satan's kingdom and guarantees life eternal.

A True Life Of Love

Loving others is not a matter of victory or defeat, but of obedience or disobedience.

The Master Of Life Is Here

When you fail and sin, suffer, and experience separation, even death, Jesus is here!

Jesus My First Love

Jesus proved He is the Friend of sinners, by His suffering on the Cross.

Love Finds A Way

A picture of Christ's power to save is seen in the miracle of the healing of the crippled man.

Changing the Old for the New

What happens when Jesus touches your life? Transformation!

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