Life's Disappointments Can Turn Into God's Divine Appointments | Tony Evans Sermon

Dr. Tony Evans urges believers to dream big from a spiritual perspective. God's promises are within reach but require complete commitment and obedience to unleash their full potential. #tonyevans #tonyevanssermon #DreamBig

The Power of Recognizing God as Your Source | Tony Evans Highlight

Dr. Tony Evans discusses how God's call to tithe is more than just financial contributions, but supports a ministry that influences families, careers, and communities. Discover a deeper understanding of how the church is meant to be an influential force for positive change in the world. #tonyevans #tonyevanssermon #tithing

God’s Plan Can Be Unveiled to Us in the Midst of Suffering | Tony Evans Sermon

Dr. Tony Evans presents a profound exploration of the timeless question: Why do we suffer? Join him as he navigates the complexities of suffering, emphasizing the spiritual and legal dimensions at play. #tonyevans #tonyevanssermon #Suffering

Where Do You Turn When Life Has Caved In? | Tony Evans Sermon

Dr. Tony Evans reminds us where and Who to turn to when life has caved in and we are running low on hope. God tells us that we can run and not grow weary.

Where Does God Rank in Your Daily Life? | Tony Evans Sermon

Dr. Tony Evans delivers a powerful message on the significance of gratitude and the dangers of neglecting our first love—our relationship with God. Join him as he’ll emphasize the Biblical importance of being thankful not just for special occasions but as a lifestyle. #tonyevans #tonyevanssermon #Thankfulness

You Can Get Back on Track With God | Tony Evans Sermon

Dr. Tony Evans addresses the biblical doctrine of repentance, emphasizing that repentance is the master key to realigning with God, mending broken relationships, and reclaiming lost blessings. But repentance is not a one-time event, it is a continuous lifestyle that causes us to bear visible fruit. #tonyevans #tonyevanssermon #Repentance

The Key You Need to Handling Your Problems | Tony Evans Sermon

Dr. Tony Evans shows us the importance of daily renewal of the inner self through prayer and the Word of God to stay spiritually young. Holding to an eternal perspective, we must measure our struggles against the backdrop of eternity rather than succumbing to the limitations of time. Adopting a heavenly mindset, prioritizing the eternal over the temporal, and not losing heart in the face of afflictions can help us to focus on the unseen, eternal aspects of life and navigate challenges with an enduring spirit. #tonyevans #tonyevanssermon #EternalPerspective

The Parable of the Three Talents | Tony Evans Highlight

Dr. Tony Evans challenges us to evaluate how we utilize the time, talents, and treasures entrusted to us by God. Using a parable as a backdrop, he emphasizes the responsibility to invest what is given for the advancement of God's kingdom. #tonyevans #tonyevanssermon #Parables

Strengthen Your Communication With God | Tony Evans Sermon

Dr. Tony Evans discusses the spiritual receiver within every believer that connects them to God's divine wavelength. With this spiritual receiver—our soul—we are connected to the unseen spiritual satellite, allowing access to God's frequency, essential for a comprehensive understanding and interpretation of life's occurrences. #tonyevans #tonyevanssermon #TalkingWithGod

Praise Can Revolutionize Your Life | Tony Evans Highlight

Dr. Tony Evans delves into the power and significance of praise and shows us how praise is an essential aspect of living in God's environment. Join him as he highlights how continuous praise is a lifestyle, not just a singular event, offering insights into the profound connection between praise and one's spiritual relationship with God. #tonyevans #tonyevanssermon #Praise

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