Rags and Robes

The purpose of Ephesians is to show the Church who and what they are to be in this world; to show the Church we have received all we need to live victoriously, and it is possible to live in the heavenly dimension. We are exhorted to stop playing church and be the Church. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you how all that you are, by the grace of God, makes you an integral part of the Church of Jesus Christ.

Robe for Relationships

The book of Ephesians teaches us how to apply the principals of Christianity in the most difficult of all the arenas, the home. Paul tells us we must take off the rags of the old man and put on the new man’s robes and walk in the Spirit, in love, especially in the home. In the fifth chapter, Paul gives God’s plan for families and that the father and husband is to love as Christ loves the Church.

The Fellowship of the Gospel

In this lesson we begin studying Paul’s eloquent thank you note to the church at Phillipi; the one he pointed to as an example for others to follow. Phillip was focused on reaching the lost. We are introduced to what is called an inside-out church, which was faithful in its witness. The true church is made up of people who are followers of Christ because they have heard the Holy Spirit calling them to fellowship with Jesus Christ.

Patterns for Living in Christ

The theme of Philippians is “Living in Christ” through fellowship. Let this mind be in you. Paul emphasizes the importance of humility in the fellowship of believers and to consider others higher than ourselves. He teaches that we can and should know and fulfill God’s good and perfect will for our lives. Paul also said, “This one thing I do, I forget the things that are behind and I reach forward to those things which are ahead.”

Prescription for Peace

Do you have the continuous peace of God? If not, that should not surprise or disillusion you if you are not meeting God’s conditions. In Philippians 4 Paul teaches us twelve conditions for the peace of God: Do not worry, pray about everything, think on good things, do the right thing, be thankful, have a reputation for gentleness, be patient, accept your circumstances, look up, delight in Him, value the approval of God, and rest your heart and mind in Christ.

Christ First

The Book of Colossians is Paul's masterpiece on “the Christ of the church:” Who Christ is, what Christ has done, and His all-sufficiency. The church at Colosse had 3 major problems: a philosophical attack upon the deity and person of Jesus Christ, an intellectual attack upon the faith of the people, and there were Jews imposing legalism upon the church. Paul emphasizes that Christ was Very God. Paul challenges believers to pray earnestly, with thanksgiving.

The Blessed Hope

The theme of Paul’s first letter to the Thessalonians is the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. It is important to understand that the Second Coming of Jesus Christ is not one event but a series of events. We will note how Paul encourages the Thessalonians with the coming rapture and physical second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. Paul writes that the first thing to happen when the rapture of the church takes place is “the dead in Christ shall rise first.”

The Chronology of His Coming

In Thessalonians Paul says the Lord Jesus is coming back and we are to be busy while we watch and wait for His return; pray without ceasing, and always give thanks. Although we cannot know when Jesus will return, He said there are signs of the times to watch for. In Second Thessalonians, Paul explains about the Day of the Lord that will come once Satan is given free reign over the earth before the millennial rule of Jesus Christ.

The Blueprints for Church Order

As we survey the Books of First Timothy, Second Timothy and Titus, we are entering into the "Pastoral Epistles." The Paul/Timothy relationship has been a model for hundreds of thousands of senior pastors and junior pastors throughout church history. II Timothy 2:2, focuses for us a kind of education that will never be replace: teach reliable men who are also capable to teach other men. Paul emphasized the character that the men should have who are going to lead in church.

Godly Oversight and Godly Overseers

Paul profiles the Gospel: there is only One Mediator between God and man. In the same sense that Christ oversees the Church and shepherds the Church, a man should shepherd and oversee his wife and family, and men should oversee or shepherd the church. The Bible clearly gives the man the responsibility to be the leader of the home and the church. Paul lists the qualifications for spiritual leaders. Paul teaches us to measure your life by the Word of God.

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