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A Prophecy Against Babylon

From The Word for Today Jeremiah says he wrote it, why do some folks question who wrote chapter 50? Pastor Chuc…

A Series of Sobs

From ICM's Mini Bible College Jeremiah preached during a time when Jerusalem was in despair and when all seemed to be …

God's People

From The Word for Today … thick, yet what dd Jeremiah prophecy about them which came true? Pastor Chuck Smith gi…

God's Sad News

From ICM's Mini Bible College … those who believed Jeremiah that the captivity was chastisement from God, and those who…

Holding Hope Through Pause

From Christian Crusaders …quit. Let's look at Jeremiah's faith journey to learn that which will empower and inform…

How to Find the Courage to Stand Up for Your Faith

From Guidelines for Living …life of the prophet Jeremiah on how to stand up for your faith regardless of the cost.…

Impending Destruction

From The Word for Today …hat did the prophet Jeremiah have to say about what was ahead for his beloved nation? H…

Prophecies in Babylonian Captivity

From The Word for Today Jeremiah choose to stay behind instead of going to Babylon but was that a good choice? …

Refusing to Heed God's Warning

From The Word for Today …at happened back in Jeremiah's time? What does that matter to you? Pastor Chuck Smith …

The Fall of Jerusalem - 2

From The Word for Today …eople were scoffing Jeremiah, he tried to assure ...…
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Cary Alliance Church

Christian Crusaders

COVID-19 From Turmoil to Hope

CTTW - Questions About Life

Discipleship Essentials

Doctor Luke

Encouraging Words

Every Man a Warrior Minute

Expectant Faith


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Berni Dymet


Steve Kramer


Russel Abrahams

Lonnie Berger


Jesse Bradley


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By Footsteps

Christian Disciplines

By Discipleship Essentials

Christian Doctrine

By Discipleship Essentials


By Salt and Light

Expectant Faith

By Expectant Faith


By The Word for Today


By Light to Guide Our Feet

Famines, Deserts, And Other Hard Places

By Running to Win

God Who Sees Me

By Rendezvous

God, Satan, and Angels

By Grace to You
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