Guiding our Children / Hannah and Samuel

We need to take care of our children and train them to be obedient so that when they grow up they will be self-disciplined. Samuel learned about obedience from his mother, Hannah.

Suffering with Depression, Part 2

Our counselor friend, Fran, gives ideas of what we can do ourselves about depression...or how we can help someone else when they are suffering from depression. God cares about every situation we have.

Suffering with Depression, Part 1

Listen to how to recognize depression and some of its causes. Do you think that all the people in the Bible were always happy? Actually the Bible has many stories of people who suffered all kinds of problems, including depression.

Communication / Mary and Martha

It can be hard to communicate with the people closest to you. Listen to how Jesus teaches two sisters to be more aware of each other and His word.

Incontinence / Growing Older

Listen to a program about urinary Incontinence, an embarrassing problem common to many women. It provides information about how the condition can be treated and controlled.

Reading to Children / Jesus, the Storyteller

It's important to help young children develop an interest in reading. Stories can help a child learn about so many things. Jesus used stories to teach people about God and how He wants us to treat each other.

A Child's Beginning / Praying for your Children

It's good to know what to expect as our children develop. And it's really important to pray for our children as they are growing up!

Headaches / Suffering

Learn about 3 types of headaches: their symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. God understands our pain; He is loving and compassionate.

Taking the Long-term View

How to find peace in Christ Jesus by looking at the big picture.

Coping with Grief / Comfort in Grief

How can grief affect a person? How can we work through grief in order to heal and move on with life? One thing is that we can take comfort from God’s word.

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