Family Influence / Jesus, a Real Person

Our family shapes us, but we make our own adult choices. The Bible gives much information about Jesus Christ, where he lived and who his family was. Jesus lives today; he loves you and wants to bring you hope.

House or Home / Where Does God Live?

Wherever we live we can do things to make our house into a home – with security and love. Have you wondered where God lives? He is not confined to a place or object. God is everywhere at all times.

Listening to Children / A Mother of Purpose

Being a good listener is not as simple as it sounds, is it? Often a small child’s conversation is dull or tiring. As we listen, we should let them know that we understand their feelings.

Guiding our Children / Hannah and Samuel

We need to take care of our children and train them to be obedient so that when they grow up they will be self-disciplined. Samuel learned about obedience from his mother, Hannah.

What I Learned from my Mother

We asked some adult daughters what they learned from their mothers as they were growing up. Listen to the interesting things they shared!

A Child's Beginning / Praying for your Children

It's good to know what to expect as our children develop. And it's really important to pray for our children as they are growing up!

Suffering with Depression, Part 2

Our counselor friend, Fran, gives ideas of what we can do ourselves about depression...or how we can help someone else when they are suffering from depression. God cares about every situation we have.

Suffering with Depression, Part 1

Listen to how to recognize depression and some of its causes. Do you think that all the people in the Bible were always happy? Actually the Bible has many stories of people who suffered all kinds of problems, including depression.

Early Education / Giving Children Roots

Did you know that by the age of four a child has developed half their adult intelligence? The learning habits they develop will be influenced by those they spend their time with.

Protecting Your Back / We Are One in Christ

It's good to protect your back when doing hard work like lifting heavy loads. The Bible says we should do our work as well as we can to please God.

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