Conflict Resolution

Do you handle conflict well? We all put on different “armor” when we fight. Listen to some tips on how to handle disagreements in a peaceful way.

Sexual Morality

It’s so good to know that you and your partner belong only to each other. Sex is an important bond in a marriage that shouldn’t be shared with others. Listen to what God's Word teaches about sexual relationships.

Occupational Safety / Protecting our Soul

We work every day at many things and have a lot of people who depend on us. It's good to protect our body so that we do not get injured. It's even more important to protect our soul or our spirit.

Self-Esteem / Jesus's View of Women

As a woman it's good to understand how to have a healthy view of yourself. Do you know how Jesus saw women? He broke some rules of his culture as he showed that women are important to him.

Words that Build Up

We all need to hear words that encourage us, that build us up and make us feel loved. Listen to tips on how to make those around you feel appreciated.

Respect / Jesus Showed Respect

It's important to treat people with respect. God's Word tells how Jesus showed respect to people. He let them know they were valuable to him.


Wrong views of God lead to wrong actions, like bribery. God wants us to be just and merciful like he is.

Cleaning Tips / Baptism

Listen to tips on cleaning your home. Did you know that baptism is a picture of being cleansed? God washes away our sins! It’s also a picture of dying, being buried and rising again to new life.

Grief and God's Comfort

Are you grieving over a loss? Do you need peace in your heart? Whatever hurt or trial you’re going through, whatever loss you’re mourning, remember God is there to comfort you and give you strength.

Toothaches / the Communion Service

Tammy and Carol discuss the causes and prevention of toothaches. And hear abut the origin and meaning of the communion service.

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