Using our Gifts / Women Helped Jesus

Are you able to share your talents to help others? Women who followed Jesus used their gifts and their money to help Jesus. Women are important to Jesus and have gifts that can be used in ministry.

Conflict Resolution / Peace with God

The most important words to use in fixing a conflict is “I’m sorry”. God made a way to fix the conflict between him and the Israelites. He has made a way for us to have peace with him, too.

Enriching the Soil / The Sower

To make soil good for gardening it’s helpful to add compost to make it ‘alive’. Jesus told a parable about soil and its effects on plants.

Wheat / Change from the Inside

Hear about the food value of wheat and about gluten intolerance. We can’t see the damage that gluten intolerance can cause, but it’s there - just as with sin. We need God to change us from the inside.

Boundaries / The Ten Commandments

Children need clear, fair, age-appropriate rules for their protection and development. God also gives us rules for our good, for our own protection.

Juvenile Depression / Looking to God for Help

A mother talks of the struggle she is experiencing as her 14-year old son suffers from anxiety and depression. We can look to God for help and protection in impossible circumstances. He never changes.

Newborn Care / Baby Moses

Listen to tips on how to best care for a newborn baby, including breast feeding, hygiene, injections, and sleep. The Bible story of Moses shows God’s faithfulness and protection.

A Good Hostess / The Great Banquet

As women we often host meals or have people over to our homes. In the busyness of preparations it’s important to remember to make people feel welcome. Did you know that Jesus told the story of a man who hosted a party?

Longing for a Baby / Abraham's Call

Do you know someone who is longing to have a baby, but sadly cannot conceive? The Bible tells of a couple who God promised would have children, but they remained childless for years. Find out how God was faithful to his promises.

When a Husband Dies / God, Our Provider

Women who are grieving because they have lost their husbands feel very alone. Then they have to take on big responsibilities God is compassionate and faithful. He cares for widows and their needs.

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