The Love Language of Touch / The Good Samaritan

Safe physical touch is important for development and well-being. You can also show love through acts of service. Jesus used touch to help and heal.

Love Languages / Quality Time

People have different ways of showing and receiving love. One way is through giving the gift of quality time. Even Jesus used this love language!

Eye Care / God's View

We need to take good care of our eyes so we can see well. God sees you. He knows you. You can trust him for your future.

Coping with Fear

How can we learn to cope with fear? God's word tells us not to be afraid but to put our trust in him.

Teeth / Thankfulness

You are never fully dressed without a smile! Healthy teeth can give you something to be thankful for. Hear about a woman who spread the gift of thankfulness.

Menstrual Periods / Jesus Heals a Woman

Listen to an informational program about menstrual periods. God knows about all our troubles, so we can tell him about them and ask for his help.

God's Grace

Where is God when grief overwhelms us? Lora experienced this firsthand when she lost her husband. Her real story is one of grace, as she learned who God was in the midst of her pain.

Communication / Martha and Mary

Listen as a couple learns how to communicate positively instead of negatively. Mary and Martha needed to listen to how each other felt, and what Jesus had to say to them.

Get a Good Sleep! / God's Special Rest

Listen to some ideas on how to improve your sleep. Just as our bodies need rest, so our souls need the peace and rest of knowing God. He will give us his special peace when we ask him.

A Personal Story of Addiction

Listen to Diane tell about how she broke free from the cycle of addiction. She confessed to God that she was powerless and received forgiveness and freedom.

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