Not a Monster After All / The Story of Jonah

Sondy tells us the story of a boy who turned out to be very different from what she expected. It changed her life. God loves everyone no matter how we may feel about them.

Growing Plants / God's Special Garden

It’s funny to think how people are a little bit like plants. Much like our gardens, people need food and water, light and air; they need protection from enemies! Did you know God prepared a special garden after He created the world?

Early Pregnancy / Creation

Do you know the signs of pregnancy, or about care and nutrition in the early months? God created us like him in many ways and he wants to have a relationship with us.

Keeping a Marriage Fresh / God's Love Letter

Sondy gives advice on keeping a marriage relationship from becoming stale. She describes five love languages that people use. Did you know that God speaks your love language fluently?

Caring for Your Neighbors / The Good Samaritan

Being friendly with your neighbors can make life easier and enjoyable for both sides. Jesus taught that neighbors are not necessarily those you live next to but all those in need.

Basic Eye Care / Jesus Heals Bartimaeus

Taking care of your eyes is important. Bartimaeus was a blind man who called to Jesus for help. Jesus showed compassion on him and rewarded his faith by healing him.

Immunization / God Protects His Children

It’s vital to have your children vaccinated against diseases that can occur during childhood. It is an effective method of protection. God is a loving parent who protects his children.

Urinary Tract Infections / Jesus Heals a Woman

Urinary Tract Infections are a common problem among women, but they can be successfully treated. Disorders such as UTI can make a woman feel insecure and unworthy. God is compassionate; we can be secure in His love.

Abuse / Jesus Taught His Followers to Love

We talk about abuse when a person who has power uses it to please themselves. They hurt a person who is weaker than they are. Jesus taught his followers to protect the powerless and speak up for them.

Reading to Children / Jesus, the Storyteller

It's important to help young children develop an interest in reading. Stories can help a child learn about so many things. Jesus used stories to teach people about God and how He wants us to treat each other.

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