Fatherhood / Our Special Father

Andy talks about being a father to his two small children. God is our perfect father. He loves us and knows what is best for us.

Disciplining Children / Abraham and Isaac

Training children to know right from wrong is a full time job. Discipline takes patience and lots of love! Hear a story from the Bible about a father and son who loved each other.

Raising Happy Children / Giver of Life

Did you know there are positive things we can do as parents to bring confidence, love and happiness into our homes? Our children are a gift from God that should be nurtured and cherished.

Styles of Parenting / God, our Father

Have you heard of the four different styles of parenting? Each affects children in different ways. God is our loving heavenly father who cares for us. He hears us when we pray to him and he loves us very much.

Caring for Our Children / Jesus Cares for You

We can help our children as they face difficulties at school. In God's Word we read that Jesus told us not to worry about food or clothes or the cares of tomorrow. He made us, he loves us and will provide what we need.

Teaching Our Children / Hannah's Story

We need to teach our children throughout the day in a positive way. God's love in our life makes a difference in how we live and treat others.

The Influence of Grandmothers

Listen as some of our friends talk about the pleasures and responsibilities of being a grandmother. And hear about a family in the Bible: Timothy, his mother Eunice and grandmother Lois.

Family Influence / Jesus, a Real Person

Our family shapes us, but we make our own adult choices. The Bible gives much information about Jesus Christ, where he lived and who his family was. Jesus lives today; he loves you and wants to bring you hope.

House or Home / Where Does God Live?

Wherever we live we can do things to make our house into a home – with security and love. Have you wondered where God lives? He is not confined to a place or object. God is everywhere at all times.

Listening to Children / A Mother of Purpose

Being a good listener is not as simple as it sounds, is it? Often a small child’s conversation is dull or tiring. As we listen, we should let them know that we understand their feelings.

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