Gambling Part 2 / A Paralyzed Man

You can help a person with an addiction like gambling. The friends of a paralyzed man helped him in his time of need. Jesus healed the man because of his friends' faith.

Gambling and the Rich Young Ruler

Learn recognize the signs of a gambling addiction. And hear about a man who thought a lot about money. His choices caused him to turn away from God

Autism and God's Comfort

June tells how her faith in God gave her strength and comfort through the heartbreaking trial of her son's autism.

Talking to Your Doctor / Jesus the Physician

How can you make the most of a visit to your doctor? Did you know that Jesus came for a special purpose? He came to heal our hearts.

Helping the Homeless / Hana Ananda

Hear about two women who help the homeless. Our love for God should affect how we love and give to others.

The Dangers of Abortion / God Values Each Person

Listen to the story of a woman who made a dreadful decision. It's important to remember that we are precious from conception, known and loved by God.

A Woman of Dignity

When you look in the mirror you see your appearance. What are you like on the inside? What do others see, and what do they hear when you speak?

Change Him

Listen as Tara shares her personal story of an unhappy marriage. She prayed that God would change her husband, but God changed her instead!

Love Language of Gifts / God's Grace

It's fun to give thoughtful gifts to one another. The Bible tells us that eternal life is God's free gift to us. Receive it!

The Love Language of Touch / The Good Samaritan

Safe physical touch is important for development and well-being. You can also show love through acts of service. Jesus used touch to help and heal.

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