Sowing and Reaping / Jacob and Joseph

If you sow love and tenderness in your children’s lives, they are likely to grow into loving and tender adults. We reap what we sow. Plants seeds of love, patience, understanding and truth in your children’s lives as they grow up.


Have you ever been hurt, or have wounded someone you love? Perhaps you are trying to put the pieces of a broken relationship back together. Jesus has the power to heal us. He came to take our pain and brokenness and make us new.

Tuberculosis / Contaminated by Evil

Learn about the symptoms, the treatment of tuberculosis and how it is passed to others. God warned the Israelites about ‘contamination’ from local idols and spirits. God keeps his promises if we choose to follow Him.

Being Different / Rahab

Cultural customs can be good or they can keep us from progress. It takes courage to be ‘counter-cultural’. Hear the story of Rahab who went against her people’s beliefs to follow the true God.

The Tongue / Hurt or Heal

Learn about the functions and basic care of the tongue, especially when it’s damaged. We can use our tongue to say hurtful things or helpful things. Jesus will give us the strength to ‘tame the tongue’ if we ask him.

Singleness / Loved by Jesus

Is your greatest desire to get married and have a family? There are special blessings to being unmarried. Paul, in the New Testament, was single. He realized that as an unmarried man he could spend time doing God’s work.

Using our Gifts / Women Helped Jesus

Are you able to share your talents to help others? Women who followed Jesus used their gifts and their money to help Jesus. Women are important to Jesus and have gifts that can be used in ministry.

Conflict Resolution / Peace with God

The most important words to use in fixing a conflict is “I’m sorry”. God made a way to fix the conflict between him and the Israelites. He has made a way for us to have peace with him, too.

Enriching the Soil / The Sower

To make soil good for gardening it’s helpful to add compost to make it ‘alive’. Jesus told a parable about soil and its effects on plants.

Wheat / Change from the Inside

Hear about the food value of wheat and about gluten intolerance. We can’t see the damage that gluten intolerance can cause, but it’s there - just as with sin. We need God to change us from the inside.

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