Incontinence / Growing Older

Listen to a program about urinary Incontinence, an embarrassing problem common to many women. It provides information about how the condition can be treated and controlled.

Coping with Fear

How can we learn to cope with fear? God's word tells us not to be afraid but to put our trust in him.

Love is a Choice / Peaceful Words

Tita learns to stop being angry and talk in a positive way to her husband. Sally shares how to change from using quarrelsome words to encouraging words.

Wise Decisions / Introduction to Proverbs

What are the steps in making wise decisions in everyday life? We can look to God for wisdom to live our life well.

Worms / Jesus, Lord over Spirits

Did you know that it's estimated one quarter of the world's population has roundworms? Worms cause problems in a person's body and must be driven out. Jesus ordered evil spirits to leave the bodies of people; he brought healing to them.

Being an Orphan / Adopted by God

The wonderful part about being adopted is that no matter where you came from, you know that you have been specifically chosen and loved by your parents. In the same way, God loves us. He's the very best adoptive parent there is!

Impetigo / Jesus, the Healer

Impetigo is a skin infection that commonly affects school-age children. It is contagious, but can be easily treated. Jesus had pity on a man with leprosy, a dreaded skin disease. He compassionately cured the man and made him completely well.

Disasters / The Story of Job

Natural disasters can make us feel helpless and have devastating effects on our lives. Hear about Job in the Bible. He suffered from disasters, but remained faithful. God knows and cares when we are suffering. He loves us!

Wholeness / God Will Make a Way

We have needs as a whole person: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. We should take care for each part. Trust God to help you make good choices in your life. He is kind and patient, and his love never fails.

Ruth and Naomi

Hear a story about a mother and her special daughter-in-law. They chose to love God and be loyal to each other. They learned to trust God as the one who would take them under his wings and provide for them.

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