Superstitions / God is Trustworthy

Life can be hard sometimes and even scary. What do you turn to when things seem dark and frightening? Did you know there is someone you can always trust to be there for you?

A Personal Story of Addiction

Listen to Diane tell about how she broke free from the cycle of addiction. She confessed to God that she was powerless and received forgiveness and freedom.

Get a Good Sleep! / God's Special Rest

Listen to some ideas on how to improve your sleep. Just as our bodies need rest, so our souls need the peace and rest of knowing God. He will give us his special peace when we ask him.

Too Much Sugar / Faithfulness

Your mouth may like sugar but too much is not good for you. We have to train our mouths to like better food. And, we need to train ourselves to do the things that need hard work.

Psychosis / We Need Each Other

Our counselor, Fran, explains psychosis and how to help sufferers. People with problems and weaknesses are still valuable members of a church. We need each other in God’s family.

Dealing With Fear / The Disciples Panic

Everyone has fears about different things. Some fears are real; some are unreasonable. God understands our fears and is ready to help. The disciples feared when they looked at their surroundings, but Jesus helped!

Katharine's Story / A Widow Gives

There are many ways we can give to others. Listen to what happens to a woman in the Bible who had almost nothing left, but she shared what she had.

Incontinence / Growing Older

Listen to a program about urinary Incontinence, an embarrassing problem common to many women. It provides information about how the condition can be treated and controlled.

Coping with Fear

How can we learn to cope with fear? God's word tells us not to be afraid but to put our trust in him.

Love is a Choice / Peaceful Words

Tita learns to stop being angry and talk in a positive way to her husband. Sally shares how to change from using quarrelsome words to encouraging words.

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