Using our Gifts / Women Helped Jesus

Are you able to share your talents to help others? Women who followed Jesus used their gifts and their money to help Jesus. Women are important to Jesus and have gifts that can be used in ministry.


Disasters happen at the worst times. How can you be prepared for disaster and how should you respond in a disaster? God sees and cares when disaster strikes.


Many of us say that we are tired and not getting the rest we need. We can rest in Jesus Christ. How? Listen to today's edition of Women of Hope to find out.

Sexual Assault

How do we cope with sexual assault? What should we do if our sisters are harmed in this way? Listen in and here the assurance that God is just and cares about what happens to us.


What's the difference between outer beauty and the inner beauty? No matter what we look like, God made us beautiful in his eyes as Tammy and Carol explain in this edition of "Women of Hope".

Abuse Survivors

Learn about the effects of abuse. People can find true freedom in Christ, who is Lord over sin and spirits.

Rape / God Cares

Rape is a terrible crime, is under-reported and victims need help. Remember, God loves you and has compassion for you.

The Christmas Story

Listen to the Christmas story right out of God's Word. Find out what's so special about this baby and why he is called a Savior.


Pest Control / Naomi's Call to Mission

Our gardener suggests natural ways of protecting your garden from common pests. Listen as Naomi tells how God’s word protected her from scary pests like fear!

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