The Christmas Story

Listen to the Christmas story right out of God's Word. Find out what's so special about this baby and why he is called a Savior.

Christmas / Prince of Peace

Listen to the Christmas story. We can know true peace when we accept Jesus, the Prince of Peace, into our lives.

Communicating with a Stroke Victim / God is Patient

It takes patience to communicate with a person who has had a stroke. Did you know that God is very patient? He loves us no matter what we have done.

Self Harm / Forgiving Yourself

Learn why people hurt themselves, and help them find better ways to cope with emotional pain. Experiencing God’s forgiveness can help.

Diabetes / Daily Cleansing

If you have diabetes, you can get treated and be well, but will always need to live carefully and watch for symptoms. Like a person with diabetes who checks their sugar levels, every day we need to check ourselves and ask God for cleansing.

Suzy Chooses Lunch / Feeding the 5,000

Hungry for a story? Our storyteller shares how Suzi shopped carefully for food at a market. Then hear a story about how Jesus provided food for thousands of hungry people.

HIV Prevention / God's Will is Love

Learn about the prevention and treatment of HIV-AIDS. And Carol has a story reminding us that God is love and evil is never his will.

Head Lice / Jesus Heals Lepers

If you've had head lice, it's good to know when they're gone and your hair feels clean again. Listen to a story about some people in the Bible who were happy to be clean again!

Strong Body and Spirit

Our team talks about eating a varied diet and exercising for physical strength. You can trust God to give you strength and dignity.

Divorce / Jesus' Compassion

Listen as Katharine tells how she suffered as she watched her daughter go through a divorce. Did you know that Jesus feels sad about all the things that cause you pain?

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