Learning Difficulties / God's Love

What should you do if you think your child might have a learning difficulty? In Psalm 139 we learn that God made us each unique.

Abuse of Power / Repentance

How can you help children who are bullied? The Bible lesson is on how we should confess our sins to God and receive his forgiveness.

Dealing With Fear / The Disciples Panic

Everyone has fears about different things. Some fears are real; some are unreasonable. God understands our fears and is ready to help. The disciples feared when they looked at their surroundings, but Jesus helped!

Pest Control / Naomi's Call to Mission

Our gardener suggests natural ways of protecting your garden from common pests. Listen as Naomi tells how God’s word protected her from scary pests like fear!


Raising an Only Child / Sarah's Story

Whether we have one child or ten, we want them to be good and, of course, happy. Listen to a mother talk about having an only child. And, hear Sarah's story.

Self Care / Rest in Jesus

Women, you all care of others so taking care of yourself is important! God cares how we feel so we can take our burdens to him.

Breast Cancer / Margaret's Story

How is breast cancer detected and treated? Carol shares Margaret’s story of how the diagnosis of breast cancer made her return to a walk with the Lord.

Anger / What God Says about Anger

Listen to 2 different ways of expressing anger. In your anger do not sin. The Lord is compassionate, slow to get angry and filled with unfailing love.

Food Allergies / Time and Eternity

Allergies are serious and you have to make changes to your life. But once you know what to avoid and what to do, you can live a normal, healthy life, so don’t give up hope.

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