Scams and Hoaxes

These days we need to beware of people who want to trick us and steal our personal information! Jesus warned us about lies that might be used to try to fool us about God.

The Power of Love over Bitterness

Have you ever had your feelings hurt? Don't let it make you bitter. Instead give your pain to God. He will bring healing and joy to your soul.

Education for Girls / Mary at the Feet of Jesus

Listen to the true story of Malala Yousafzai. When girls are given the opportunity to be educated it makes the future brighter for the entire community.

Stomach Problems / The Secret of Wisdom

Life Issue – what causes many stomach problems and the importance of hand-washing. Soul Issue – Proverbs describes how to live with God’s wisdom. Learning Point: ‘Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding…’

Love is a Choice / Peaceful Words

Tita learns to stop being angry and talk in a positive way to her husband. Sally shares how to change from using quarrelsome words to encouraging words.

Wise Decisions / Introduction to Proverbs

What are the steps in making wise decisions in everyday life? We can look to God for wisdom to live our life well.

Mediation / Jesus' Ascension

How can you help people resolve their quarrels? Did you know that Jesus is alive and speaks to God on your behalf?

Allergies / Jesus Returned to Heaven

Did you know that you can be allergic to the saliva or waste products of some bugs? In the second half of our program hear about the job Jesus gave us to do when he returned to heaven.

Vegetables / Jacob and Esau

Let's take a brief look at a variety of vegetables, their uses and their benefits to health. It is important to receive God’s spiritual benefits, too!

Normal Development / Lost and Alone

What is normal language and communication development in a toddler? Are you crying for help? God hears your cry; there is hope.

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