Being an Orphan / Adopted by God

The wonderful part about being adopted is that no matter where you came from, you know that you have been specifically chosen and loved by your parents. In the same way, God loves us. He's the very best adoptive parent there is!


What's the difference between outer beauty and the inner beauty? No matter what we look like, God made us beautiful in his eyes as Tammy and Carol explain in this edition of "Women of Hope".

Hope is Our Inheretence: Easter 2022

Our Living Hope Devotional Day 3

Hope Inspires Endurance: Easter 2022

Our Living Hope Devotional Day 2

A Promised Hope: Easter Week 2022

Our Living Hope Devotional Day 1

Wholeness / God Will Make a Way

We have needs as a whole person: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. We should take care for each part. Trust God to help you make good choices in your life. He is kind and patient, and his love never fails.

Abuse Survivors

Learn about the effects of abuse. People can find true freedom in Christ, who is Lord over sin and spirits.


Rape / God Cares

Rape is a terrible crime, is under-reported and victims need help. Remember, God loves you and has compassion for you.

Ruth and Naomi

Hear a story about a mother and her special daughter-in-law. They chose to love God and be loyal to each other. They learned to trust God as the one who would take them under his wings and provide for them.

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