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Building Through Cooperation

From Landmark Church How can you prosper in your Christian calling? Why would Pastor Ange say that "You must

Building Through Prayer

From Landmark Church What is a life for Christ that lasts? One that includes both building and praying.

Commitment 4a-3

From Salt and Light What does water represent in the Bible? Pastor Rodney Finch shares the answer in today'


From Message Series From Dr. David Platt The word "worship" has become a debate of styles and preferences in our current American

Devilish Destruction & Despair

From The Tide When the Spirit of God burdens us with something, we are expected to do something about

Everyone is Under Encouraged

From Michael Easley inContext ichael teaches from Nehemiah 8 and discusses how to encourage your people and how to kno

How To Keep The Main Thing The Main Thing

From Michael Easley inContext ichael teaches from Nehemiah 6 and discusses how to keep the main thing the main thing,

Identify With The People You Lead

From Michael Easley inContext s from Chapter 3 of Nehemiah and discusses the importance of identifying with the people
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ICM's Mini Bible College

Landmark Church

Message Series From Dr. David Platt

Michael Easley inContext


Salt and Light

Saved to the Uttermost

The Tide


Jesse Bradley


Michael Easley


Pastor Rodney Finch


Dwayne Potteiger


Dick Sanders


Brian Tyndall



The Leadership Process


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