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A New Heart

From The Word for Today …Is it really possible for you to truly enjoy serving God? Pastor Chuck Smith has some …

A New Heart

From Christian Crusaders …Has your heart ever been broken? Have you ever been discouraged to the point of wanting…

A New Spirit

From The Word for Today …hat is spoken of in Ezekiel 11? Has it happened already? Pastor Chuck Smith shares th…

A Prophecy Against Jerusalem

From The Word for Today …How can a city be compared to a child? How can it be compared to an adult? Pastor Chu…

Attempts to Destroy the Church

From The Word for Today …What do you know about the 70th week? Are you aware that 69 weeks have taken place, bu…

Attracting Attention

From The Word for Today …How could/would a prophet attract the attention of the intended recipients of a prophec…

Behold the Day!

From The Word for Today …What was a "revisionary clause"? Why shouldn't you put your trust in money? Chuck Smi…

Difficult Passages

From The Word for Today …chapters 40 - 48 of Ezekiel so difficult for Pastor Chuck Smith to understand? He expl…
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Audio Prayer Calendar

Christian Crusaders

Encouraging Words

Expectant Faith


Grace Notes

Grace to You


ICM's Mini Bible College

John Phillips Ministries International

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Berni Dymet


Steve Kramer


Russel Abrahams

Craig Harbin


Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer


John MacArthur


Dr. John Phillips

Dwayne Potteiger


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Every Believers Battle

By The Tide

Expectant Faith

By Expectant Faith


By The Word for Today

Foundations, Volume 1

By Grace to You

God's Devil

By Running to Win


By Grace to You


By Grace Notes

Old Testament Survey

By ICM's Mini Bible College

Series 10 - The Leadership Style of Jesus

By Tools for Wise Leadership

Spiritual Warfare

By Grace to You
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