Genesis 37:20-38:1

Joseph's brothers sell him into slavery and trick their father into thinking that Joseph is dead. Why did God allow this treachery? Because HE had a master plan unfolding!

Genesis 37:1-19

The beginning of the history of Joseph, who dreamed dreams that his brothers and his parents would one day bow down to him. His brothers hated him because of this.

Genesis 36:1-43

This chapter deals with the genealogy of Jacob's son Esau, the one who despised his birthright. His lineage inhabited the nation of Edom, which became a longtime enemy of Israel.

Genesis 35:1-29

Jacob suffers some sad consequences of past sins; McGee gives some guidance on how to get back on the track with God when we've gone astray. Jacob gets a new name: Israel.

Genesis 34:1-31

A tawdry affair; Jacob's daughter Dinah is defiled by Shechem the son of Hamor, and some of Jacob's sons exact revenge through treachery. There is a word of warning against a believer knowingly marrying an unbeliever.

Genesis 33:1-20

Jacob, on the road back to the land of his fathers, fears an upcoming reunion with his brother Esau, whom, years ago, had threatened to kill him. He shouldn't have worried so much, because the meeting was cordial.

Genesis 32:1-32

Jacob greatly feared an upcoming meeting with his brother Esau, believing he still harbored a grudge against him. In turmoil of mind, Jacob had his great wrestling match with the angel of the Lord, a turning point in his life!

Genesis 31:7-55

Jacob takes his family and leaves Uncle Laban, a cheater who is unwilling to let his cheap labor source, and his daughters, go. But Jacob rebuffs Laban with stern rebukes, and returns to the land of his fathers.

Genesis 29:30-31:7

Jacob was cheated in many ways by his uncle Laban, who made him labor long months and years. First Jacob was given the wrong woman, Leah, and was forced to work another seven years for Rachel, who he really loved. But Jacob grows a family and prospers in spite of the bad deal given him by Laban!

Genesis 29:1-30

Jacob arrives at his uncle Laban's farm in Padan-Aram, and the cheater becomes the cheated! Yes, Laban gives the trickster Jacob a bit of his own medicine, changing the deal on him again and again.

Genesis 28:1-22

Having stolen his brother's blessing, Jacob had to flee toward his relatives in Padan-Aram. Pausing for the night in Bethel, the lonely, homesick fellow slept and had a dream of the stairway to heaven.

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