Colossians 3:22-4:18

If we have believed the Gospel, we are partakers of the divine nature, and receive the benefits of heaven, but remember, Jesus comes first~! We are to consider ourselves as "Bond slaves of Christ" while we are here on earth.

Romans 16:1-27

Paul gives personal greetings to certain Christians in ancient Rome, naming names and giving credits. God knows our names and is keeping track of what we do for Him.

Romans 15:25-16:2

Paul's definition of "fellowship" seemed to mean financial aid. He wanted to take a freewill collection from the Christians in Rome in order to relieve the suffering believers back in Jerusalem.

Romans 15:15-26

The Apostle Paul's travels and ministries among the Gentiles; "not where Christ was already named," but as a missionary to those who never had heard of Jesus.

Romans 15:4-16

God is glorified by loving the whole world and sending his Son. Christ is the hope of salvation for both Jew and Gentile. By his sacrifice, Jesus broke down the wall of separation between the two.

Romans 14:17-15:3

That the Kingdom of God is not a matter of eating or drinking, or any other standard that we may allow or practice, but of righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit.

Romans 14:5-17

How do we treat others who disagree with us or have different standards than ours? The rule is love… deferring to one another, not doing anything that would cause a brother to stumble.

Romans 14:1-5

How does Paul want Christians to handle those "questionable areas," matters of behavior which are not absolutely spelled out in the scriptures? Are some of these things merely man-made regulations?

Christmas 3

Romans 5:1-11 As the western world celebrates Christmas with elaborately decorated trees, let us take a look at God's Christmas Tree... the Old Rugged Cross of Calvary~!

Romans 13:1-14

We ought to be submissive to the authorities, because all authority is set up by God. This is true whether secular or church authorities. Unless they are telling us to violate scriptural principles, we should salute the position, if not the person~!

Romans 12:9-13:1

Paul instructed Roman believers to rejoice in hope, even in times of persecution and trouble. We should not curse and take vengeance, but commit the keeping of our souls to Him who will avenge properly and in His good time.

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