Jeremiah 29:1-30:24

Because of their sin, the people of Judah were taken into exile for 70 years in Babylon. Here, Jeremiah sends a message to the first exiles saying that if they will settle down and seek the good of Babylon, the Lord will bless them for it and bring them back.

Joshua 23:1-24:33 Judges Introduction

The famous last words of Israel's great leader, Joshua. He charged us with the great challenge, "choose you this day whom you will serve."

Joshua 21:1-22:34

An account of the ways in which the tribes of Israel took their possessions, including the misunderstanding about the tribes that settled east of the Jordan River; they were considered outcasts and tried to prove they were true.

Joshua 19:1-20:9

More of the land allocation for the tribes of Israel in the promised land, and also a remarkable concept called the cities of refuge, where someone could go who had killed someone accidentally.

Joshua 15:1-18:28

After Joshua and his band were able to conquer Canaan, we come to the part in Joshua where the land was divided up according to the different tribes.

Joshua 12:1-14:15

While much of Canaan was conquered by the Israelites, there was still much that had not been accomplished. The heroism of Caleb it shown in chapter 14, where he asked for the high ground, and took it even though he was well up in years.

Joshua 10:13-13:1

Joshua and his army is taking the land of Canaan by conquest; but they were bound by the Word of God in all that they did. McGee starts out with an explanation of the "long day of Joshua," when Joshua called upon the sun to stand still.

Joshua 8:3-10:14

The taking of the town of Ai, which represents the flesh. Once sin had been removed from the Israelites' camp, they were successful. But they were then deceived by the Gibeonites! Only through obedient faith do we fight the three enemies of our soul… the world, the flesh, and the devil.

Joshua 7:1-8:2

The sin of Achan! One man sinned, and the entire nation was held accountable until it was made right. One man sinned, and over 30 men lost their lives at the battle of Ai. Nobody sins unto himself alone!

Joshua 6:1-27

The Battle of Jericho! This was a key city in Canaan, and the Israelites would have to get past it if they were to occupy the promised land. The walls fell flat, when God's people took up their positions and simply followed the instructions set forth by God.

Joshua 4:9-5:33

A new generation rises up among the Israelites, and they had to learn how to obey the Lord in the promised land, and not depend on manna but learn to subsist on "old corn", which McGee likens to the Word of God. And Joshua met with the commander of the heavenly host.

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