Care of a New Mother/ Freedom from Slavery

We hear from Dr. Kerryn on how to care for Pregnant and New Mothers. Ros also Talks about how to be free from the slavery of sin.

Newborn Care / Baby Moses

Listen to tips on how to best care for a newborn baby, including breast feeding, hygiene, injections, and sleep. The Bible story of Moses shows God’s faithfulness and protection.

Longing for a Baby / Abraham's Call

Do you know someone who is longing to have a baby, but sadly cannot conceive? The Bible tells of a couple who God promised would have children, but they remained childless for years. Find out how God was faithful to his promises.

When a Husband Dies / God, Our Provider

Women who are grieving because they have lost their husbands feel very alone. Then they have to take on big responsibilities God is compassionate and faithful. He cares for widows and their needs.

Loneliness / God Cares About You

Even if we have friends, everyone feels lonely at some time in his or her life. God created us with a strong need to relate to other people. Jesus understands and can comfort us in our loneliness.

Help! I'm Lost!

Tita’s mother lost her way in life and became depressed. But she discovered who she really was and found purpose in helping others. God has a purpose for each of us. He will show us what his purpose is.

Forgiveness / The Prodigal Son

Have you ever been hurt by someone close to you? We should learn to forgive others when they hurt us. Jesus often told stories of forgiveness. God is love; He wants to forgive.

Not a Monster After All / The Story of Jonah

Sondy tells us the story of a boy who turned out to be very different from what she expected. It changed her life. God loves everyone no matter how we may feel about them.

Growing Plants / God's Special Garden

It’s funny to think how people are a little bit like plants. Much like our gardens, people need food and water, light and air; they need protection from enemies! Did you know God prepared a special garden after He created the world?

Learning Difficulties / God's Love

What should you do if you think your child might have a learning difficulty? In Psalm 139 we learn that God made us each unique.

Abuse of Power / Repentance

How can you help children who are bullied? The Bible lesson is on how we should confess our sins to God and receive his forgiveness.

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