When a child becomes aware that they were adopted, it’s important for them to know they’re not alone...and that you love them just as if they were your own natural child.

Healthy Eating / God's Love Sets Us Free

Denise, a trained nutritionist, talks about how important it is to have enough iron in our blood. Marli reminds us how much God loves us!

New Beginnings

When we come across new beginnings in our lives, it’s always good to reflect on and learn from what we’re leaving behind. When we want things to change we need to set real goals that lead to action.

Hungering and Thirsting

Have you ever been hungry for a particular food and only that one food will satisfy you? God's word tells about a different kind of hunger that only He can satisfy!

Disability / God's Healing

Listen to advise on how to treat people with disabilities respectfully. God wants us to trust him with whatever he has given us in life, even if we don't understand his plans.

Conflict with Children / Using your Influence

It's natural for conflicts to develop between parents and their children. Listen as women share tips for managing difficulties with children of all ages.

Trash / Forgiving Others

Learn some ways about getting rid of trash. Kate shares how we can get rid of some of the rubbish that builds up in our own lives and hearts.

Toilet Training / Wisdom

We begin teaching things to our children when they are very small. Where do you get advice to teach your children so they will grow up to be wise? True wisdom comes from God.

Life Changes

Listen as Julie explains what to expect as we get older. And hear how the Apostle Paul encouraged people to pass along godly instruction through example and teaching.

HIV in Pregnancy

HIV is not a death sentence for a mother or baby but it must be managed carefully. People might judge and condemn those with HIV, but God is the only one who can judge people. He alone knows what is inside our hearts.

Receiving Help / Blessing Others

See yourself as a blessing not a burden. God uses you and your gifts to bless others.

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