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Charisma in Christ

From ICM's Mini Bible College … concluding look at Galatians we have insight into Paul’s handicap and his explanation o…

It all points to Faith Alone

From Search for Truth …he third chapter of Galatians, we explore with Paul 1) the necessity of faith; 2) the fut…

Jerusalem Above

From Search for Truth …ions of the Bible – Galatians 4, Hebrews 12 etc. - all seem to be connected and to offe…

The Absolute Gospel

From ICM's Mini Bible College …tter of Paul to the Galatians where Jewish leaders were teaching that to be saved and sta…

The Faithfulness of Christ

From Search for Truth …chapters 3 and 4 of Galatians, we read about God giving his promise to Abraham; then givi…

The Gospel in Reverse

From ICM's Mini Bible College …he responded to the Galatians explaining we are justified by faith not works. Paul went o…

The Gospel Reaped

From ICM's Mini Bible College …postle Paul says in Galatians, the Spirit can overcome the flesh. It all depends on what …
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Champions Arise

Discipleship Essentials

Encouraging Words

Equipped for Life

Every Man a Warrior Minute



Get Hope

Grace Notes

Grace to You

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Berni Dymet


Gideon Levytam


Lonnie Berger

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By Message Series From Dr. David Platt

Adopted By God

By Grace to You

Christ Formed in You

By Grace to You

Christian Doctrine

By Discipleship Essentials

Christmas- a time to remember all year

By Grace Notes

Consider This

By Grace to You

Emotions, can you trust them?

By Grace Notes

Every Man a Warrior

By Champions Arise

Exploring Discipleship

By Discipleship Essentials

Free at Last: The Grace of Christ in Galatians

By Message Series From Dr. David Platt
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