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A Heart for People

From The Tide Do you see people as riches and value others like God does? In our story today we fin

Fundamentals of Prayer Part 8

From The Tide Many people do most of their praying when they are in the middle of a problem. In tod

God Commands Jonah to go to Nineveh

From The Word for Today Have you heard how fierce the people of Nineveh were? Why would God want them spared

Hearing Loss / The Story of Jonah

From Women of Hope It is crucial to go to the doctor if you think your child is not hearing properly. An

Jesus References Jonah

From The Word for Today s have to say about Jonah?

Salvation is of the Lord

From The Word for Today hat did God do with Jonah after Jonah learned the huge lesson?

See Jonah Faint

From Wisdom for the Heart ing righteous about Jonah's response to Nineveh's revival, but there is something ver
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Grace to You

ICM's Mini Bible College

Running to Win

The Tide

The Way of Righteousness (Radio Series)

The Word for Today

Wisdom for the Heart

Women of Hope


Stephen Davey


Carol Detwiler

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Dwayne Potteiger


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