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A Radical Church Impacts Its Community

From Grand Old Gospel Hour …A Radical Church Impacts Its Community We invite you to join us as Dr. Tony Hart c…

Acts 12:1-25

From Thru The Bible …n of the church in Acts 12, Dr. McGee reminds us not to be discouraged when it come…

Acts 14:1-28

From Thru The Bible …s a lot to learn from Acts 14 as Paul and Barnabas return to the church in Antioch a…

Acts 15:1-13

From Thru The Bible … deciding. In this study of Acts we look at the issues that faced the early church. …

Acts 15:12-41

From Thru The Bible …what the godly men in Acts 15 were doing as they held the first church council in Je…

Acts 15:40-16:40

From Thru The Bible …er? Follow along in Acts 16, as God uses a prayer meeting held by a group of women t…

Acts 19:2-20:5

From Thru The Bible …Our journey through Acts continues as the gospel takes root in people’s hearts in …

Acts 1:1-3

From Thru The Bible …written by the same writer, Acts continues the story with Jesus’ ascension and pro…

Acts 1:26-2:13

From Thru The Bible … years, the book of Acts is the inspired record of the beginnings of the church. Whi…

Acts 21:1-25

From Thru The Bible …non McGee as our study of Acts continues. Grab a front-row seat as Paul ministers in…
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A Firsthand Conversation with

Bible Stories Alive

Bold Steps

Bread of Life

Champions Arise

Christian Crusaders

CTTW - Questions About Life

CTTW - The Story Within - Audio Dramas

Discipleship Essentials

Doctor Luke

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Dr. Tony Evans


Pastor Rodney Finch


Bob Griggs


Craig Harbin


Dr. B. Sam Hart


Dr. Tony Hart


Dr. David Jeremiah


Dr. Mark Jobe


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Amazing Grace

By Wisdom for the Heart

Back In Heaven Where He Belongs

By Running to Win

Be Intentional

By Power Walk Ministries

Bold as a Lion

By From His Heart with Dr. Jeff Schreve

Christian Doctrine

By Discipleship Essentials

Christian Life and Worldview

By Discipleship Essentials


By Salt and Light

Daily Grace

By Reviving Hope

Deeper-Beyond Shallow Spirituality

By Bold Steps

Easter Through the Eyes of God

By Grace to You
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