Faith At Its Best

A challenge to read God's Word and ensuring that it is reflected in our obedience to Him

Wake Up

A challenge to apply the Word of God - and not be a listener only

Faith that Works

Developing a commitment to exercise faith in the everyday situations as well as major decisions

Faith Without Works

What is faith - how can we live a life of faith in God, unnervingly?

Be Strong

Even when faced with the impossible, Abraham extended his faith - we're called to do the same for He is able

Remember His Faithfulness

Taking time through this season to reflect on God's faithfulness in our lives

Pause and Reflect

Thanksgiving is a great time to reflect on and show our gratitude to those who have blessed us

Remember to Shout

Following the example in the Bible of those who persevered through great suffering

The Life

Life is short and we're challenged to seek God and set our minds to follow Him and to live purposefully

The Journey

Our journey of life has many uncertainties and being anchored in God will stabilize us!

Rest in His Word

Rest is not a passive word but an active decision to rest in God's will and trust in His promises

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