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2 Samuel 24a-1 - David's Great Sin

From Salt and Light …Who moved David to sin: God or Satan? David's greatest sin was with Bathsheba, right? Or w…

2 Samuel 24a-2 - David's Great Sin

From Salt and Light …Is there a discrepancy in the Bible? Some people sure hope so and think they have one here.…

2 Samuel 5a-1 - The Third Anointing of David

From Salt and Light …"We left off last time (studying 2 Samuel) with these two guys running off with his head." …

2 Samuel 5a-2 - The Third Anointing of David

From Salt and Light …There was joy in Israel as the people, including 340,000 warriors, gathered to anoint David …

A Model for Giving Thanks

From Grace to You …It’s easy to maintain a pleasant outlook when things are going your way. But how can you …

A Seeming Discrepancy

From The Word for Today …Is the Bible full of mistakes and errors as some people say? One passage that gets brought …

Auditing the utensils

From Search for Truth …Not only are domestic thresholds mentioned in the Bible, but more importantly, so is the thr…

Bless Me Indeed

From Fresh 1 Chronicles 4:9-10 Jabez was honoured more than his brothers, and his mother named him Jabe…
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