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1 Chronicles 11:1-12:40

From Thru The Bible …King David's life and rule. Chronicles does not record David's great sin with Bathsheba nor …

1 Chronicles 13:1-15:2

From Thru The Bible …Life lessons from some of the Old Kings of Judah…. King David brings the Ark of the Covena…

1 Chronicles 15:1-16:7

From Thru The Bible …It is amazing how things go well when we do things according to the Word of God. Here David …

1 Chronicles 16:8-17:27

From Thru The Bible …A snapshot of true worship, as we see one of the heartfelt thanks-giving psalms of King Davi…

1 Chronicles 18:1-19:19

From Thru The Bible …Warfare seems to be part of the human condition, mainly because war lies in the sinful human…

1 Chronicles 1:1-9:1

From Thru The Bible …Chronicles differ from the books of the Kings, because I and II Kings told about the kings o…

1 Chronicles 20:1-21:13

From Thru The Bible …What was King David's greatest sin? It might surprise you! The sin with Bathsheba was not me…

1 Chronicles 21:14-22:9

From Thru The Bible …David had a breach of faith in which he conducted a census that revealed unbelief; and God f…

1 Chronicles 22:10-23:32

From Thru The Bible …Sometimes we WANT to do something for God but God says, "you are not the one to do it." Davi…

1 Chronicles 24:1-28:11

From Thru The Bible …The account of King David's reign, especially the preparation for the building of the grand …
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Faith Reliance


Get Hope

Grace Notes

Grace to You

Landmark Church

Message Series From Dr. David Platt

Search for Truth

The Word for Today

Thru The Bible

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Berni Dymet


Stephen Davey


Brian Johnston


John MacArthur


Barb Sandbek


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1 Chronicles

By The Word for Today

1 Chronicles

By Thru The Bible


By Thru The Bible

A Legacy of Light

By Wisdom for the Heart


By Message Series From Dr. David Platt

Keepers of the Threshold

By Search for Truth

Legacies of Light

By Wisdom for the Heart

None Other

By Grace to You


By Grace Notes

The Singer: The Life and Times of King David

By Wisdom for the Heart
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