Daniel 2:40-44

The final part in the explanation of Nebuchadnezzar's dream: the empire depicted by the feet of iron mixed with clay. This is the last kingdom before the second coming of Christ!

Daniel 2:24-39

Daniel interprets Nebuchadnezzar's dream of the great statue, with head of gold, chest of silver, legs of bronze and feet of iron mixed with clay. A great foretelling of world history!

Daniel 2:2-23

Nebuchadnezzar has a dream about a huge statue, that his wise men could not interpret; but after a night of prayer, God showed Daniel the interpretation!

Daniel 1:14-2:1

Daniel remained faithful to his upbringing and understanding of the Word of God, and refused to eat King Nebuchadnezzar's food and wine. Do we have standards beyond which we shall not go?

Daniel 1:2-13

Daniel was one of the Hebrew captives who were hauled off to Babylon. But we begin to see how God was using some godly young men, who had firmly-established standards, to influence a gentile society.

Daniel 1:1

An introduction to Daniel, a book of prophecy. Daniel was one of the god-fearing young Hebrews taken captive in Babylon, and rose into the government during the reigns of several kings. It reveals how God is faithful to his people even in times of duress.

Philemon 1:1-25

The short letter from Paul to his friend Philemon, asking him to peaceably take back his runaway slave Onesimus, whom Paul had led to the Lord. It is a remarkable little book showing how God's grace reaches to rich and poor alike, and promotes unity and love across all social strata.

Titus 3:1-15

Paul writes to Titus that the local church should be careful to do good works. This means to be good citizens and to find ways to make Jesus look good in society.

Titus 2:1-15

Paul writes to Titus some guidelines for local churches. Here we see the basic requirement of a church is to teach and preach the Word of God!

Titus 1:8-2:1

The Apostle Paul outlines the qualifications of elders in the local church; they are to be mature, godly men of good reputation.

Titus 1:1-7

The Apostle Paul tells Titus how a good local church ought to be organized, and who qualifies to be a leader.

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