Zechariah 10:6-11:6

Details of how the Lord plans to care for Judah through the ages, in spite of the Devil's attempt to send them false shepherds and lead them astray.

Judges 17:1-21:25

The story of human history: That without spiritual leadership, people devolve into the worst sorts of idolatry and evil.

Judges 14:1-16:31

Samson marries into the Philistines and is used by God to defeat and destroy them from within. But, fleshly Samson is brought down by the wiles of a woman, Delilah.

Judges 12:1-13:25

The end of Jephthah's judge-ship, and the birth of the remarkable character named Samson, the strongest man who ever lived?

Judges 11:7-40

Jephthah's strange vow which is the subject of debate: he promised God that if he was victorious, that he would offer the first thing that came out of his house as a burnt offering… and his own daughter came out. Did he burn her?

Judges 10:3-11:11

The people of Israel fell back into disobedience and again cried to the Lord for deliverance; they got a very imperfect man named Jephthah.

Judges 8:1-10:2

Gideon, who had won a great victory over the oppressing Midianites, was being pressured to become a king over Israel. He tried to deflect the praise to God, saying "let the Lord rule over you." His son Abimelech rose up and caused trouble~!

Judges 6:34-7:25

Gideon seeks reassurance from God that he really will help him defeat the Midianites, so he puts out a fleece of wool. And the Lord culled the number of Gideon's men down to 300 men, so that they would know that it was not by their own power that God delivered them.

Judges 6:1-35

In the time of the Judges, when old Israel ran hot and cold with respect to God, He delivered them by sending deliverers. Here, Gideon is chosen to lead the Israelites against the oppressing Midianites.

Judges 5:1-31

The song of Deborah, celebrating a victory that God gave them over their enemies. She includes some sharp criticism of the tribes that would not help them.

Judges 3:12-4:25

When the people fell away from God, were invaded; then they cried out to God, and he sent judges among them to deliver them from their enemies. The judges Othniel, Ehud, and Deborah.

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