Loyal Love

The Hebrew word khesed is one of the most common descriptions of God in the Hebrew Bible, and it’s almost impossible to translate into any other language! This word is rich with meaning, combining the ideas of love, loyalty, and generosity. Join us as we explore this fascinating Hebrew word and how it shapes our understanding of God’s character. View more resources on God's Loyal Love: - Explore Character of God: https://tbp.xyz/exploreloyallove - Blog: https://tbp.xyz/blogloyallove - Podcast: https://tbp.xyz/podloyallove #BibleProject #Love #Khesed

Students of Scripture

We create resources for curious Bible learners all over the world. And in 2021, we’re creating even more ways for you to dig deeper into the story of Jesus and become a student of Scripture. Turn the Page with BibleProject: https://tbp.xyz/ttp2yt #BibleProject #Bible #TurnThePage

Turn the Page

Jon and Tim check in with our supporters around the world to see how they’ve been weathering this strange year. Everything that we do is made possible by people like you, and together we’re helping people everywhere experience the story of Jesus. We can’t thank you enough. Join BibleProject this Giving Tuesday: https://tbp.xyz/ttp1ytd #GivingTuesday #BibleProject #TurnThePage

Genesis 1

How is our interpretation of the creation story in Genesis 1 deepened when we consider its ancient historical and cultural context? In this Bible commentary video, we look at how the literary design of Genesis 1 reveals God’s ideal vision for the whole cosmos. View more resources on Genesis 1: - Explore Genesis 1: https://tbp.xyz/exploregen1 - Genesis 1 Study Notes: https://tbp.xyz/gen1study - Genesis 1 Blog: https://tbp.xyz/gen1blog #Genesis #Creation #BibleProject

Slow to Anger

What does it mean to say that God is slow to anger? In the Bible, God’s anger is a just response to human evil, which is motivated by God’s justice and love. In this video, we’ll explore God’s anger and justice in the biblical story and see how it all leads to Jesus. View more resources on Slow to Anger: - Explore Character of God: https://tbp.xyz/characterofgod - Study Notes: https://tbp.xyz/slowtoangerstudynotes - Blog: https://tbp.xyz/slowtoangerblog #BibleProject #CharacterofGod #Anger

Who is Jesus?

Who was Jesus and what was his message of God’s Kingdom really about? #BibleProject #Jesus #Bible

Choosing a Bible Translation

There are so many translations of the Bible, but which one is best? Check out our latest Bible Basics video to understand how to approach choosing a translation. #BibleProject #Bible #BibleVideo #Shorts

History of Bible Translation

Have you ever wondered about the earliest translations of the Bible? Get a quick introduction to the history of biblical translations with our latest Bible Basics video. #BibleProject #Bible #BibleBasics #Shorts

The Test

Why does God test people? In this video we trace the repeated theme of testing in the Bible and see how God determines the loyalty and trust of his covenant partners. Though these tests are rarely easy, they offer God’s people important opportunities for growth and transformation. View more resources on The Test: - Explore The Test: https://tbp.xyz/explorethetest - Study Notes: https://tbp.xyz/theteststudynotes - Blog: https://tbp.xyz/thetestblog #BibleProject #TheTest #BibleVideo


What does it mean to say that the God of the Bible is gracious? In this video, we’ll look at the Hebrew words for grace and understand it to be a rich concept that has profound implications for how we see God. When we look to the biblical meaning of grace and understand God as gracious, we see a God who loves to give generous gifts to undeserving people. View more resources on Grace: - Grace Study Notes: https://tbp.xyz/gracestudynotes - Grace Script References: https://tbp.xyz/gracescriptreferences - Podcast: The Uniquely Biblical View of Grace: https://tbp.xyz/gracepodcast - Explore the Character of God series: https://tbp.xyz/cogseries #BibleProject #CharacterofGod #Grace

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