Hebrews 3:10-15

It's possible to let our hearts grow cold and indifferent so we miss God's "rest!" Sin in our life can keep us from Christ. We are told to encourage each other to keep following the Lord and his Word.

Mark 15:36-16-20

Death could not hold the Son of God down; he arose, appeared to his disciples, and gave us the Great Commission!

Mark 15:1-35

Christ before Pilate, where he is judged and crucified for sinners according to the plan of God. We, too, must decide who is this man?

Mark 14:22-72

The Lord's Supper; and then, Gethsemane... that last terrible night in the garden, sweating great drops of blood while the disciples slept.

Mark 14:1-21

At the last supper, a woman breaks an alabaster box of pure nard, to anoint the Lord prior to his burial. Do we love the Lord like that?

Mark 13:1-37

Jesus predicts signs and wonders toward the end of the age! And a call to stay awake, for the Lord is surely coming soon!

Mark 12:1-44

The parable of the vineyard: who owns our stuff? Rendering unto Caesar what is Caesars, and unto God what is God's!

Mark 11:1-33

Jesus's triumphal entry, and the cursing of the fig tree; what it meant to Israel at that time.

Mark 10:1-52

Divorce, the rich young man who thought he was good enough to keep the Law, healings, and Jesus predicts his own impending death!

Mark 9:1-50

The true glory of Jesus is revealed to his inner circle on the Mount of Transfiguration. Then, he heals a demoniac, and foretells his death and resurrection.

Mark 8:1-38

Amidst more miracles, Jesus asked Peter, "who do you say I am?" and Peter's answer is "the great confession"; the cornerstone of the Faith

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