Luke 6:1-49

God chooses you, but it’s your choice to follow Him. Jesus took the time to pray over His decisions. Before appointing the twelve apostles, He went up to a mountain and prayed to God all night long. Then, He chose the apostles. Learn the significance of this moment and how we can find comfort in God’s choices.

Luke 5:1-39

Today on the Bible Bus, we’re going fishing—and we’re going to need a bigger net! Jesus provided so many fish for His disciples that their net literally snapped. In today’s lesson, discover an interesting analogy as to why the net broke. Be encouraged by how God wants to use us, and be warned of another fisherman out there named Satan. Whose hook are you on today?

Luke 4:14-43

People couldn’t make up their minds. One moment they sang, “Hosanna!”—the next, they shouted, “Crucify Him!” In Luke 4, the people of Nazareth reject Jesus as God. The Savior of the world grew up before their very eyes, and they hesitated to trust Him. Listen in to the warning not to miss out on God’s blessings.

Luke 3:9-4:13

“Oh yeah? Well, prove it!” Have you ever been challenged like that? In today’s lesson, Satan and Jesus meet face to face, and it’s almost as if Satan puts his hands on his hips in defiance and says, “You’re God? Well, prove it!” Join in to discover just a few of the many ways Jesus “proved it” to Satan and to us today.

Luke 2:30-3:8

Keep God’s promises in your heart, even if you don’t understand them yet. It’s easy to lose sight of God—in fact, it’s our natural tendency as humans. So naturally, Mary and Joseph lost sight of who Jesus was. They didn’t understand when He said, “Did you not know that I must be about My Father’s business?” Follow along as Dr. McGee recounts this story and how Mary “kept all these things in her heart.”

Luke 2:1-30

Are you willing to be a beginner? The Creator and Sustainer of the universe chose to be a beginner—a baby—just to have a relationship with you. Jesus stepped away from His glory during His time on earth, in order to give us true life. In Luke 2, discover the life-giving practice of humility as Dr. McGee shares the story of Jesus’ birth and the events surrounding it.

Luke 1:36-80

Believing God brings abundant blessing and unspeakable joy—especially when we encourage others to believe, too. Although Elisabeth and Mary were at different stages in life, Elisabeth encouraged Mary and rejoiced over God’s marvelous work in their bodies. Elisabeth’s faith in God is a challenge to us today: “Blessed is she who believed, for there will be a fulfillment of those things which were told her from the Lord” (Luke 1:45).

Luke 1:5-35

Let’s focus on the facts today. Dr. Luke used plain old facts to tell one of the most amazing stories of all time. Remember when God was silent for 400 years? He broke through that silence, and Luke tells us when, where, and with whom. In today’s lesson, Dr. McGee introduces us to some of Jesus’ family—Zacharias and Elisabeth, and His mother Mary.

Luke 1:1-4

Welcome to the book of Luke, friends. Get ready to investigate. Dr. Luke was a thinker, and he wrote this Gospel to the Greeks. Follow along as the historical, literary, and spiritual details in the book of Luke all work together to form a well-rounded Gospel narrative.

Leviticus 27:1-34

Our last stop in Leviticus teaches the importance of voluntary devotion to God. In verse 28, we learn that “every devoted thing is most holy unto the LORD.” In other words, when you make a promise to God, He regards it as holy. He loves you that much. We end our study of this book full of laws with this uplifting, revitalizing promise: God’s grace is enough.

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