Psalms 19:1-20:9

God reveals himself to Man through the creation; "the heavens declare the glory of God." He also reveals himself through his Word in every language, and finally he has revealed himself through the sending of his Son.

2 Chronicles 34:1-36:23

This section ends with a great revival in old Judah when King Josiah led the way back to God. The path to revival today is for churches to take the word of God seriously. But for Judah, it was too little, too late to avoid the Babylonian Captivity.

2 Chronicles 33:1-25

Hezekiah was possibly the best king of old Judah since David; yet even a godly king can have an ungodly son. Here we see the rise of Manasseh, one of the worst kings Judah ever had. And yet, at the end of his life even he humbled himself like the prodigal son.

2 Chronicles 30:17-32:33

Good king Hezekiah breathed new life into the spiritual climate in old Judah; he organized the priests and got the worship ball rolling.

2 Chronicles 28:4-30:16

As we study the kings of old Judah, we see the reigns of the wicked king Ahaz, but then along came good king Hezekiah, who cleaned house, and brought spiritual revival and prosperity back.

2 Chronicles 26:4-28:47

The funeral of King Uzziah could be called a "happy funeral," because the death of a faithful believer in the Living God is not cause for overmuch grief. "Where, O death, is thy sting?"

2 Chronicles 24:1-26:5

Joash takes over as King of Judah, and does right as long as Jehoiada the priest was around to guide him. But then when the priest died, he began to let things slide. His successor, Amaziah, did what was right, but… "not with his whole heart."

2 Chronicles 21:7-24:3

We hear more of the history of the kings of old Judah; the murderous Jehoram, Ahaziah and his wicked mother, and then a much better king named Josiah, who straightened out what had been made crooked.

2 Chronicles 19:1-21:7

Jehoshaphat learned his lesson after making a failed alliance with the godless king Ahab. Jehoshaphat was teachable, and the kingdom of Judah experienced a period of spiritual reforms.

2 Chronicles 17:9-19:2

King Jehoshaphat, one of the brighter shining lights in the leadership of old Judah, has an uncharacteristic lapse of faith when he makes an unholy alliance with Ahab.

2 Chronicles 15:13-17:9

The account of Asa's revival in old Judah contains conditions for revival. In the last episode, we saw that one condition was a return to the Word of God; now, McGee shows us some other conditions for revival.

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