Job 18:1-20:3

One of Job's "miserable comforters," Bildad the Shuhite, offers some more pious platitudes which do not help poor suffering Job. And in response, Job can only sigh out this great statement, "I know that my Redeemer lives!"

Job 16:1-17:16

Suffering Job answers his miserable comforters in the anguish of his situation, trying to defend himself before God. But he finally concludes that his only hope of anything good is in God alone.

Job 13:1-15:35

Through his suffering, Job is forced to learn many things about God, and also about himself: that as good as he may have behaved, he is still a guilty sinner in need of redemption.

Job 11:1-13:4

Now we hear from Job's third friend, another miserable comforter, a legalist named Zophar, whose remarks are more cutting and harder to bear than even those of the first two men.

Job 9:1-10:22

Job cries out in his misery, hoping for an arbiter, or a mediator, between himself and God. He needed Jesus! He is the one mediator between God and Man.

Job 6:16-8:22

Poor sick Job must endure the arrows of accusation from well-meaning but insensitive friends. Eliphaz punches Job with questions, then crude Bildad takes a turn at it.

Job 5:7-6:15

Eliphaz continues his judgmental tirade against suffering Job, and Job responds saying that he is making a just complaint, because of his righteous life. Job will soon be shown that he is not as righteous as he thinks.

Job 4:1-5:7

Job's friend Eliphaz starts in on poor suffering Job, saying the result of Job's trouble was his hidden sin, because, he thought, "who, being innocent, ever suffered?"

Job 3:13-26

Job's misery is made worse by the well-meaning but misguided accusations of his "friends" who were supposed to be comforting him. They were so sure that Job's problems were the result of his sin. 0564

Job 2:4-3:13

Satan was given permission by God to test Job in several ways, really raking him over the coals: he took away his health, his family, and incited even his wife to nag at him.

Job 1:6-2:3

We see the heavenly curtain pulled back, and how Satan challenged God to make a test case of poor Job, the most righteous man of his day: Can a man worship God for nothing, in spite of loss, pain, and suffering?

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