Romans 8:28-39

God is working everything out for the good of the believer; every incident, every accident, every disaster, every disappointment… we are "more than conquerors;" all will be well; all for good, all for good!

Romans 8:18-28

As believers, all things are become new, the old has passed away. Now we need to learn how to live in expectation of our new destiny and the coming kingdom. God is working everything out for our good, according to his great power!

Romans 8:6-17

We as believers are co-heirs of the kingdom with Christ. But meanwhile, the flesh cannot be trusted to do any good thing. Only through Christ can we hope to live for God the way He wants us to.

Romans 8:1-8

There is "no condemnation" to those who are "in Christ," that is, those who are not living their life according to the law of the flesh, which leads to death, but those who are living by the power of the Holy Spirit, trusting in the Lord Jesus.

Romans 7:7-25

The Law is perfect, but can only condemn us because we are sinners, and law-breakers! And it is our own fault. But if Christ sets us free from the Law, only then are we free to live for God.

Romans 7:1-6

This is the chapter that explains the powerlessness of Law; that is, nobody can be saved or sancitified by trying to keep the law of Moses. We can only progress if we are willing to present our bodies and lives over to Jesus.

Romans 6:13-23

Believers in Christ are required to consider ourselves dead to sin, and alive to Christ. As we were once slaves to sin, we ought to now be slaves of righteousness.

Romans 6:1-14

Romans 5:9-21

Romans 5:1-9

"What advantage has the believer?" Dr. McGee lists eight tangible benefits of being a true-blue believer in the Lord Jesus Christ now in this life on earth. All of this in addition to eternal life in Heaven~!

Romans 4:1-25

"Faith Alone!" God pronounced Abraham and David righteous because they believed God. We also today can be declared righteous by God, if we simply believe what he has said and done, especially with respect to the sending of his Son.

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