The Bible’s main way of talking about God’s relationship to humanity is the image of a partnership. This video on covenants traces the way God entered into a series of formal relationships with various human partners in order to rescue the world through Jesus, the ultimate covenant partner. #Covenant #BibleProject #BibleVideo

Blessing and Curse

Trace the theme of blessing and curse in the Bible to see how Jesus defeats the curse and restores the blessing of life to creation. #BibleProject #BlessingAndCurse


The biblical story is connected by repeated words or ideas that we call links. In this video, we explain how links work and invite you to practice following them through biblical movements on the BibleProject app. Begin collecting links yourself on the BibleProejct app:


Modern Bibles are divided into chapters and verses, but the biblical scrolls were written to be read aloud, meditated on, and memorized as one continuous work. In this video, we introduce you to movements—groups of stories or poems the original authors arranged together to form a meaningful whole.

Eternal Life

Jesus offered people eternal life. But what does that mean? Explore the meaning of a phrase that invites us into God’s life now and in the age to come. #BibleProject #EternalLife For more information on Eternal Life, check out the following resources: -Eternal Life Script References: -Eternal Life Blog post:

The Royal Priesthood

After Jesus’ disciples receive the Holy Spirit, they become God’s temple and the physical embodiment of Jesus on Earth. The New Testament writers show us that followers of Jesus carry the responsibility to live as royal priests forward into eternity, reclaiming the lost calling God gave humanity to represent him and rule the world on his behalf. And the story of the Bible ends where it began: in a garden with humans serving and ruling as God’s royal priests forever. #BibleProject #Priest #RoyalPriest

Announcing the BibleProject App

Learn more and pre-download at Get ready for a new journey through an ancient story on the new BibleProject app. Experience the Bible on a guided reading journey with interactive access to our full library of videos and podcasts.

A BibleProject Announcement

Join Tim, Jon, and other BibleProject team members as they reflect on the last seven years of BibleProject and look forward to the future. This conversation includes an exciting announcement about BibleProject’s plans for 2022 and beyond, including the launch of the BibleProject app on January 1, 2022. Learn more:

The Project Continues

Something BIG is happening on December 10. You won’t want to miss it. Follow this link to find out more:

John 1

John begins his Gospel account by introducing Jesus as the Word of God, echoing the opening chapters of Genesis, where God created life through his spoken word. This beginning was good, but when God’s creatures rejected his instructions, all creation spiraled into death. The world needed a new beginning, so God's divine word spoke again, but this time, the word became a human named Jesus. #BibleProject #John1 #VisualCommentary

Abraham and Melchizedek Q+R

Why did Abraham own a slave? Tim and Jon respond to your questions from the The Royal Priest series in a Q+R video. Thanks for watching! #BibleProject #Priest

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