Story: God and Money

In this episode of The Bible Project Podcast, Jon and Tim explore a story about two Harvard Business School Graduates who are confronted with a biblical view of money that changes their lives.

How do our choices shape us over time?

Explore Psalm 1 in the Bible and reflect on three destructive ways of being human. #BibleProject #biblevideo #bible

Saul the Anti-Anointed • The Anointed Ep. 3

Israel’s first anointed king, Saul, consistently makes choices that put him in conflict with God and the responsibilities God has entrusted to him. This turns Saul into the first anti-anointed one—or put another way, the first antichrist. In this episode, Tim and Jon explore the theme of anointing in the stories of Israel’s first two kings, Saul and David.

Do some Old Testament narratives make you uncomfortable?

Biblical narratives have been misused to promote violent conquests throughout history. But when we read the Bible through the lens of Jesus' upside-down Kingdom, we discover a different story. #shorts #BibleProject #biblevideo #bible

The "Teacher" vs. Jesus • Wisdom Ep. 4

Hanging out with Ecclesiastes isn’t fun. The book goes on about the endless march of time that results in death for everyone. Everything dies––humans and animals. We can see that all living creatures go to the dirt, and we don’t have any concrete proof of what happens after that. Depressing, right? Yes––it can be. The teacher is trying to shake things up and dismantle the illusions of the reader, but it can be rough to read. The guys will talk about the context of Ecclesiastes, and why we as Jesus followers can see things differently.

Psalm 1

How can we live good lives rooted in God’s abundance? Psalm 1 offers two choices represented by two types of humans—one who is like a solid tree and one who blows away in the wind like chaff. In this video, we reflect on the choices that shape our lives and discover that what we meditate on makes all the difference.

What’s So Special About Oil? • The Anointed Ep. 2

What’s so special about oil? Why does the Bible specify that oil—not water or wine—must be used to anoint a person or place? In this episode, Tim and Jon continue discussing the biblical theme of anointing, exploring why God designates oil to symbolically represent the life-giving power of his Spirit.

Wisdom of Ecclesiastes • Wisdom Ep. 3

In this episode, Tim and Jon begin their discussion on the book of Ecclesiastes. This is an interesting book in Scripture, and the author is relentlessly trying to get the reader to rethink their black and white mindset. It can be a bit depressing to read, and it doesn’t quite give you the same type of feel-good wisdom that the book of Proverbs does. The guys will try to get at what this book is trying to teach us and what the author thinks it means to live a good and godly life.

Is There a Right Way To Read the Bible?

The Bible isn't a rule book. It tells the story of God making humans his partners, humans ruining it, and God restoring the world through Jesus. #shorts #BibleProject #biblevideo #bible

"Christ" Is Not a Name • The Anointed Ep. 1

The title most often applied to Jesus is “the anointed one”—that’s what the Greek word “christ” means! But what is the practice of anointing? What does it signify, and who gets anointed? The practice of anointing people with oil is a theme we can trace throughout the entire story of the Bible. In this episode, Tim and Jon start a brand new theme study all about anointing.

Proverbs • Wisdom Ep. 2

In this episode, Tim and Jon talk about the ancient wisdom found in the book of Proverbs. The author of Proverbs is this incredible teacher who offers guidance for just about everything humans will encounter in their lives, but is it just a book of wisdom sayings that we can memorize and put on our walls? The guys will go on to explain that wisdom, and the Hebrew concept of “chokmah,” is much more than that.

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