Coming Soon: Sermon on the Mount Episode 6

What does Jesus say about doing what is right for the wrong reasons? Join us Saturday, June 22 for the sixth episode in the 10-part Sermon on the Mount series.

Jesus exposes injustice through generosity in this shocking teaching.

Jesus provokes his listeners by offering a creative and unexpected response to unjust treatment.

Don't Give, Pray, or Fast in Public?! (Learn the Wisdom of Jesus' Advice)

Join us for the sixth episode exploring the most well-known collection of Jesus’ teachings, the Sermon on the Mount. In this video, you’ll learn: - What Jesus taught about where the “good life” comes from - Why Jesus warns about showing your devotion to God publicly - What Jesus meant when he called people hypocrites - How to check your motives for giving, praying, and fasting

How does Jesus unpack an ancient law of retaliation and take its wisdom to a new level?

"An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" is a famous line from ancient law, intended to protect people from disproportionate retaliation. But Jesus urges his followers to refrain from any kind of retaliation and value peace more than vengeance.

Where Is There Idolatry in Modern Culture?

The first chapter of Ezekiel presents readers with a question: Why is the Temple Presence of Yahweh appearing to a guy by a river in Babylon? This class session explores how the answer to that question begins to unfold in chapter 8. Ezekiel's "nightmare tour" presents an inversion of Eden imagery resulting from the idolatry of the people. This chapter challenges readers to consider how we give our allegiance to things of our own creation. Start this session and explore what the vision of an ancient prophet can say to our modern world.

Why Say “Kingdom of the Skies” Instead of “Kingdom of Heaven?” ☁️

Our BibleProject translation uses the phrase “kingdom of the skies” instead of kingdom of heaven.” Discover why in our newest Q+R podcast episode.

New Ezekiel class

What does avoiding oaths have to do with peacemaking? ✋

Jesus teaches that peacemaking begins with a radical commitment to honesty and integrity. He tells his followers to honor others by keeping their word.

How Does God’s Spirit at Pentecost Offer Us Hope?

The story of the Bible points to a new world filled with God's life-giving Spirit.

Ruakh = God's personal presence or Spirit

Many Christian traditions celebrate the birth of the Church on Pentecost Sunday, when God's Spirit, or Ruakh, arrived with a rush of wind and "tongues" of fire.

Coming Soon: Sermon on the Mount Episode 5

How does Jesus teach us to respond to conflict? Join us on Sunday, May 19 for the fifth episode in the 10-part Sermon on the Mount series.

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