Which Laws Still Apply? – Deuteronomy Scroll Q+R

Which ancient Israelite laws still apply today and which don’t? Should the law be divided into moral, civil, and ceremonial categories? And why did Jesus quote Deuteronomy when Satan tempted him? In this episode, Tim and Jon respond to audience questions about the Deuteronomy scroll. Thanks to our incredible audience for your questions.

The Kingdom of God E1

In this episode, Tim and Jon look at a key Biblical theme that traces throughout the entire Bible––the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is central to Jesus’ message, but it can be confusing to understand completely. The guys will discuss why Jesus talked about the Kingdom so much and what that should mean to us as Jesus followers. Before they dive into the discussion, Tim will give a brief explanation of the concept of the Kingdom and its introduction into Scripture in Genesis 1.

BibleProject Reel 2022

People like you helped make 2022 amazing. Watch highlights of what we created together this year. We are BibleProject. Follow this link to give online: https://tbp.xyz/bibleprojectgive3

Moses’ Final Words • Deuteronomy Ep. 9

Who are Yahweh’s children? For most of the Torah, the answer seems to be all of Israel. But in his final moments, Moses tells Israel that Yahweh’s true children are those who remain faithful to his covenant. In the final episode of our journey through the Torah, join Tim and Jon as they explore a prophetic poem that will set the tone for the rest of the TaNaK.

The Prophets • The Law Ep. 2

Tim and Jon discuss the metaphors used by Moses and The Prophets for why humans are incapable of obeying the law and how God plans to fix it. We discuss Jesus' teaching on the law, the Great Command, and how his followers dealt with the law.

Can Anyone Live a Blessed Life?

Moses gives the least motivating pep talk ever in the third movement of Deuteronomy. He outlines God’s covenant and the various blessings and curses associated with it, and then he tells Israel, “You’re going to fail.” Talk about demoralizing! In this episode, join Tim and Jon as they explore the paradox of righteousness accomplished by divine sovereignty and human freedom through the lens of Deuteronomy and the New Testament writers.

Should Today's Christians Live by Israel's Laws? • Deuteronomy Ep. 5

What wisdom can Christians gain from the law? Join Tim and Jon as they continue their discussion on the theme of the law in the second movement of Deuteronomy. In this episode, you'll learn ... How to gain wisdom from the law What happens when we live by the wisdom of the Torah How studying the law challenges us to examine our own allegiances to other spiritual powers How the apostles incorporated principles from the Torah into their governance of the first churches How the law was intended to reshape how we see the world and live within it

The Reason the Old Testament Laws Exist • The Law Ep. 1

Why did God give laws to the ancient Israelites? Join Tim and Jon as they go deep into the themes introduced in our video, "The Law." Learn about how the laws were given to the ancient Israelites and how they contribute to a larger narrative about human nature and God’s plan for creation.

Jesus' Method of Interpreting Israel's Laws • Deuteronomy Ep. 6

Jesus used the laws in Deuteronomy as a starting point in teaching God's ideal way of life for humanity, but he didn't stop there. Join Tim and Jon as they conclude their discussion on the law in the second movement of Deuteronomy by exploring Jesus’ understanding of the law and how it can help us interpret the Torah. In this episode, you'll learn … Why Israel's laws sometimes don't seem to line up with Jesus' teaching What Jesus thought about three challenging laws in the Torah Why God had to give Israel the law What to do when you encounter texts in the Bible that are difficult to understand or accept

Will Israel Be Formed by God's Wisdom? • Deuteronomy Ep. 4

Learn how the law was intended to form Israel into people of wisdom, justice, and righteousness. Join Tim and Jon as they start discussing the theme of the law in the second movement of Deuteronomy. In this episode, you'll learn … Why Moses gives Israel the law ... again The law's connection to righteousness How the biblical authors viewed Israel's laws How Israel understood the purpose of their laws What Yahweh's laws were meant to accomplish The meaning of judgment and righteousness in relation to the law How a reader of the Torah might practically utilize wisdom from the law to bring about righteousness within a community How modern readers can also be formed by the law

What’s at Stake in God’s Covenant With Israel? • Deuteronomy Ep. 7

Why are there curses in God's covenant with Israel? Join Tim and Jon as they start exploring the themes of blessing and curse in the final movement of Deuteronomy. In this episode, you'll learn … What blessings and curses represent in the Bible The connection between blessings and curses and God's covenant with Israel How the covenant reflected ancient Near Eastern law code How the covenant represents the choice for all of us to choose blessing or curse Browse our entire channel for more podcast episodes and animated videos that help people experience the Bible as a unified story that leads to Jesus.

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