Revelation 12:10-17

John sees the vision of the Great Dragon being thrown out of heaven onto the earth, which makes heaven rejoice. But the dragon begins to persecute the saints on earth, and the nation of Israel will be rescued at that time.

Revelation 12:6-9

We get a true picture of the nature of evil, and how the great Dragon, Satan, is the accuser of God's people! He loves to accuse us for our wrongdoings, but Christ our advocate has redeemed us.

Revelation 12:1-5

The vision of the Woman clothed with the Sun, which represents the nation of Israel, and is attacked by a great Red Dragon which represents Satan and the Antichrist.

Revelation 11:13-12:1

The sounding of the Seventh Trumpet, and the earth quakes as Jesus Christ takes his rightful throne and rules over all the kingdoms of this world, rewarding those who have stuck with Him to the end!

Revelation 11:3-12

The appearance of God's "Two Witnesses" in Jerusalem during the Great Tribulation period, and a discussion of who these two might be.

Revelation 10:8-11:2

John was told to eat the scroll, sweet as honey in the mouth, but bitter in the stomach. We are to "eat" (study, meditate on) the Word of God, and there are parts of it that are sweet… but some other parts that are bitter.

Revelation 10:2-7

Describing a time during the Great Tribulation when the "seven thunders" begin to sound. John was forbidden from writing down what the thunders said prior to Jesus's return to earth. We are not told everything!

Revelation 9:21-10:1

The Antichrist has some dreadful plans for his rule on earth; and the impenitent human race keeps going on their hell-bent course. But God wins!

Revelation 9:7-20

The fearful fate of those who are on earth during the Great Tribulation, as the last two trumpet judgments occur… including the "four horsemen of the Apocalypse. Deadly plagues await those who reject Christ~!

Revelation 9:1-6

Great suffering will come on earth during the Great Tribulation, because of man's rebellion against God. The trumpet judgments described here include demonic locusts swarming out of a great smoky abyss!

Revelation 8:7-13

The fearsome trumpet judgments of the Great Tribulation are described, as God's severe judgments begin on the earth because of Man's sin and rebellion against Him.

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