Ephesians Introduction

For everyone who loves God’s church, this introduction to the book of Ephesians will deliver both doctrinal and practical wisdom on making the body of Christ its best for His glory.

Psalms 144:1-150:6

Lessons from Psalm 144—150 include: Life is nothing without God and is purposeless without Him. If you have trusted Jesus Christ as your Savior, you have direct access to God. God is in the helping business. Nothing will give a person dignity like worshipping God.

Psalms 140:1-143:12

Lessons from Psalms 140—143 include: Today we are to leave vengeance to God: He will repay. Satan is the father of lies, and he has people running around today spreading them. Prayer must be backed up by an obedient life. God is our only help, our only refuge and hope.

Psalms 138:1-139:24

Lessons from Psalms 138—139 include: Anything in your life that is in place of God is your god. God’s Word is as good as He is. God takes note of humility and recognizes it. God says He will judge the wicked and He will hear the prayer of His people.

Psalms 137:1-138:1

Lessons from Psalm 137—138 include: Every Christian today should have a song in his heart; God has given us the song of redemption. We lose our song because of a natural tendency, discouragement, and sin. Today is the day of grace. Those who spurn God’s grace will be judged.

Psalms 132:1-136:26

Lessons from Psalms 132—136 include: Let’s praise the Lord from our hearts. God makes the weather and also runs the universe as it pleases Him. We become like the god we worship. God deals with us according to His mercy.

Psalms 122:1-131:3

Lessons from Psalm 122—131 include: Everything is vain unless God is in it; everything is dependent on Him and on His blessing. There must be the fear of the Lord in the home if it is to be a happy home. The soul finds rest by weaning itself from discontentment, ambition, and self-seeking.

Psalms 120:1-123:9

Lessons from Psalms 120—123 include: Life is an ascent. We come to God as sinners looking for salvation; we go on to sanctification as we grow in grace and in the knowledge of Christ. The Lord is able to keep us, and He is also the keeper of Israel. He keeps us both day and night; He never sleeps.

Psalms 119:1-176

Lessons from Psalm 119 include: God’s Word will bring life, liberty, and joy to you, as well as blessing. We need to seek God with a whole heart. We need to not only memorize Scripture but obey it. If we study the Word constantly, it will keep us from sin. God’s mercy is channeled to us through the Word. We need a diet of the Word to keep our hearts healthy. God made us and knows exactly what we need. We need to use God’s Word as we make our way through this dark world. Those who know the Word best, wonder at it the most. When God saves you, He puts you on a diet of His Word. The only thing that can revive us is God’s Word.

Psalms 117:1-118:29

Lessons from Psalm 117—118 include: A record of the songs sung at the three great feasts of Israel: Passover, Pentecost, and Tabernacles. At the Passover Christ offered bread and wine; He was going to be the Lamb that was slain the next day. Do not put your confidence in a man. To praise the Lord and glorify His name is critical.

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