Genesis 40:1-23

Our story of Joseph continues in Pharaoh's prison, where his new cellmates are the baker and butler. Each has strange dreams that Joseph interprets. Although his interpretations prove correct, Joseph continues to languish in prison.

Genesis 39:1-23

God’s plan and purpose for our lives isn’t always what we’d choose, but He is always faithful. That’s the lesson we’ll learn as we continue to follow the life of Joseph. We pick up as Joseph is sold to Potiphar, an officer of Pharoah. While overseeing Potiphar’s house, Potiphar’s wife tries to seduce him. Although Joseph refuses, the woman covers up her own sin by framing Joseph. As our study closes, Joseph is thrown in jail.

Genesis 38:1-39:2

The Bible Bus takes a quick detour from the story of Joseph as we follow the line of Judah. Together we’ll hear more about Judah, his three children (Er, Onan, and Shelah), and meet Tamar, the chosen wife for Er who tricks Judah and gives birth to twins, Pharez and Zerah. It’s a tale of deceit and wickedness that serves as a warning to all of us today, but also a story of God’s redemption plan.

Genesis 37:20-38:1

As the dramatic story of Joseph continues, he walks into a trap set by his brothers. Instead of killing him, they strip Joseph of his coat, throw him into a ditch, and sell him into slavery. What happens next? How do the brothers deceive Jacob into believing his favorite son is dead?

Genesis 37:1-19

The story shifts back to the family of Jacob as we learn more about his son, Joseph, who Dr. McGee tells us is more like Jesus than any other figure in the Bible. After Jacob gives Joseph a beautiful coat, his brothers conceive a plot to kill him. Travel with us as this tragic tale of jealousy, favoritism, and evil unfolds.

Genesis 36:1-43

In our continuing study of Genesis, our focus shifts briefly from Jacob’s family to that of his twin brother, Esau. Esau is the father of the nation of Edom. He was a handsome man but lived by following his sinful human nature. Beginning with him, the Edomites become a large and proud nation.

Genesis 35:1-29

After 40 years of living for himself, Jacob heeds God’s call, assumes spiritual leadership, and prepares his family to return to Bethel. Along the way we learn that Rachel dies giving birth to her second son, Benjamin. Isaac dies, too, and our study closes with Esau and Jacob burying him together.

Genesis 34:1-31

Although Jacob has yielded to God, his past sins are coming back to haunt him. The story continues as the daughter of Jacob and Leah is raped and a tale of murder and robbery by her brothers begins.

Genesis 33:1-20

God has dealt with Jacob and he’s been restored. Now after 20 years on the run, Jacob is ready to humble himself before Esau, the brother he deceived. What is Esau’s reaction? What happens to Jacob and his family? Travel the pages of God’s Word with Dr. McGee and find out.

Genesis 32:1-32

The story of Jacob continues with an event Dr. McGee calls the turning point in his life. Hop aboard the Bible Bus as we witness Jacob ask for God’s help as he returns home to face Esau and God deals with Jacob by sending a man (the image of Jesus) to wrestle with Him. Jacob doesn’t yield and is crippled. Once he gives up, he’s given a new nature and a new name: Israel.

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