Amos 6:1-6

"Woe to those who are at ease in Zion!" A rebuke to those who live carelessly, lounging, eating, drinking and making merry, but are not grieved over the sad condition of the Church!

Amos 5:18-27

There were those in Amos' day who longed for "The Day of the Lord." But McGee says the Day of the Lord will not be very much fun for those who have been resisting Him on earth.

Amos 5:4-17

Amos pleads with his people: Seek the Lord and live! Seek the One who made the heavens and controls the weather. Seek life, not the dark ways of death without God.

Amos 4:10-5:5

Amos reminds Israel of how harshly the Lord had judged them in the past, yet they did not repent of their sins. He calls to them again and again: "Return unto me and I will receive you!"

Amos 4:1-10

Here Amos uses sarcasm to preach against the sins of the old nation of Israel based in Samaria. It does no good to go to church when our heart is far from God.

Amos 3:7-4:1

The Lord does nothing without revealing his warnings by his servants the prophets! Amos warns Israel: "The Lion has roared; who shall not fear? The Lord has spoken; who shall not prophesy?"

Amos 3:1-6

Amos speaks warning to all twelve tribes of old Israel. McGee includes a word about how the Word of God is cast out of the mainstream of society; the news media, the political sphere, and the education systems.

Amos 2:9-3:2

Amos was not afraid to step on some toes, and call out sin in the general congregation of old Israel. He got very specific. And as we read this, we find that the subject is very up to date!

Amos 2:1-9

Amos continues his prophecy of judgment against surrounding nations; Moab is mentioned here. But then he declares to Judah and Israel that God is about to judge them too!

Amos 1:4-15

Amos warns the surrounding nations that God is about to judge them for their cruelty. He mentions Damascus, the Philistines, Tyre, Edom, and the Ammonites. But what about us today? Are we innocent?

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