Philippians 1:14-30

Paul reports to the believers that his imprisonment and mistreatment did not hinder the spread of the Gospel, but rather worked out for the furtherance of it.

Philippians 1:9-13

Paul reminded the Christians of the importance of increasing in love. What is that? How is it to be expressed? Should it not be done according to knowledge?

Philippians 1:6-9

Eternal security: Paul assures the Philippians that God will faithfully continue to complete the work he began in us. He also clearly states how much he yearned after the Philippian church.

Philippians 1:2-6

Paul wrote to the church at Philippi, reminding them that they have fellowship in the Gospel, and that God who began a good work in us would finish what he started!

Philippians 1:1

An introduction to Paul's letter to the church at Philippi. He wrote from prison, to a good and mature church; they held Paul in high esteem, and he had no harsh words for them as he did with some of the other early churches.

Proverbs 30:22-31:31

A famous chapter in which the virtuous woman is praised. The Bible take a very high view of marriage, and this is Solomon's mother's advice to her son when he is looking for the ideal wife.

Proverbs 29:5-30:19

Several of these proverbs warn us against hypocrisy and a false profession of faith. Anybody can SAY they are a Christian believer but have they ever repented of sin and asked Jesus to be their savior? Are they walking the walk?

Proverbs 28:1-29:4

The poor man, who is humble and godly in spirit, is shown to be better and wiser than the rich man who oppresses the poor.

Proverbs 26:23-27:27

Beware of the one who is overly flattering; similarly sin and evil is sometimes hidden from society, and sometimes it is open.

Proverbs 25:23-26:22

Solomon describes more about the wise and the unwise, the diligent and the lazy, the faithful and the fool.

Proverbs 25:1-25

The first of several more proverbs of Solomon, which were compiled by friends of King Hezekiah; they have more to do with the responsibilities of leadership.

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