Daniel 10:1-10

An angelic visitor comes to Daniel while he was in a three week period of fasting and prayer. Was this an appearance of the Lord Jesus?

Daniel 9:20-27

The vision of the "seventy weeks" is revealed to Daniel concerning the coming of Messiah. When calculated, it just happened to be the year that Christ was crucified for sin. After that year had passed, nobody qualifies to fulfill this prophecy.

Daniel 9:1-19

Daniel's study of the Bible reveals to him that the 70-year captivity of Israel was about to end, and he begins to seek the Lord with regard to this, with great confession and supplication.

Daniel 8:13-27

Daniel 8:1-13

Daniel has a vision about a ram with two horns, who was attacked and destroyed by a goat with four horns. Scholars see this as a prediction about Alexander the Great attacking and defeating the Greco-Macedonian kingdom.

Daniel 7:24-28

How the Lord Jesus Christ will come again and take over the ten-horned beast, the kingdom of Antichrist... and the blessings that will come when that happens!

Daniel 7:13-23

After Daniel's vision of the four beasts, along comes "the Ancient of Days" (the Lord Jesus Christ) who will take over the kingdoms of this world from the Gentiles and establish his own Kingdom.

Daniel 7:7-13

The last part of Daniel's vision of the four beasts: "a fourth beast, dreadful and terrible" which described and predicted the rise of the Roman Empire.

Daniel 7:1-6

More insights from Daniel's famous vision of the four beasts, which represent a prophetic prediction of world history.

Daniel 7:1-4

Daniel dreams prophetic dreams about four beasts which represent the four major world kingdoms of history. It teaches us we should interpret human history in the light of God's kingdom which is yet to come.

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