Matthew 2:12-3:9

Matthew 2 tells us about the fulfillment of four unusual prophecies about the birth of Christ. Each of them seemed to contradict the others when they were given. Dr. J. Vernon McGee explains how they were all literally fulfilled, even in a most unusual prophecy, the last of the Old Testament.

Matthew 2:1-11

Many times in the Old Testament, we read hints about the promised Messiah. Now, amazingly, in our study of the Gospel of Matthew, we see how God took seemingly unrelated prophecies and brought them all together—fulfilling them in the birth of Jesus. Come adore Him with the wise men.

Matthew 1:16-25

Was Jesus born of a virgin? Many people deny this is true. Others go so far as to say the Bible doesn’t even teach the virgin birth. Dr. J. Vernon McGee tackles these objections as we continue our study in the Gospel of Matthew.

Matthew 1:1-15

Why are those long lists of names that are so hard to pronounce included in the Bible? God must think they’re important—so why should we? Dig into the fascinating backstory of Jesus’ life and lineage in these opening pages of the New Testament and find out why.

Matthew Introduction

400 years. That’s how long it had been since the nation of Israel heard anything from God. “Station G-O-D went off the air, and there was no broadcasting for four centuries,” says our teacher, Dr. J. Vernon McGee. So how had the world changed? What was it like to live in that first century? Explore the political and religious landscape on which Jesus will travel in the Gospel of Matthew.

Genesis 49:16-50:26

Jacob is dead, and Joseph’s brothers are worried he will retaliate for nearly killing him and selling him into slavery. Witness the beautiful heart of Joseph as he gives the glory to God and reassures his brothers. As our final study in Genesis concludes, we are present for Joseph’s remaining days and see him buried in Egypt.

Genesis 49:1-15

The story of Jacob comes to a close as his sons have gathered to say goodbye. Hear his final words—many of which are prophetic.

Genesis 48:1-22

“It’s never too late to walk by faith.” That’s the encouragement Dr. McGee has for us as we study the last few days of Jacob’s life. Come beside Jacob’s deathbed as we witness the blessing of Joseph’s two sons and a blessing on Joseph that has spiritual significance for us as well.

Genesis 47:1-31

As the story of Joseph and his family continues, Jacob and his sons are introduced to Pharoah and met with favor. Throughout the famine, Joseph is able to feed them. Jacob is now 147 and prospering, but he knows the end is drawing near so he asks Joseph to bury him in Canaan.

Genesis 46:1-34

No matter the twists and turns, the Lord will always bring about His plan and purpose, especially in and for His own people. We’ll see that in the life of Jacob as we witness his reunion with Joseph and rejoice in these final days of his life when he is faithful to the Lord.

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