Psalms 82:1-84:12

A picture here of the future judgment by Jesus, when he arises to judge the nations. He will finally deliver the poor and needy.

Psalms 79:1-81:16

Psalms of Asaph, who suffered distress when Jerusalem was invaded, and there were Jews who suffered and died. Hardship will make us better… or bitter.

Psalms 76:1-78:72

By these psalms we understand that God has chosen Jerusalem as his city, even though it has been invaded and burned a few times; and he will reign there all through the millennium after the Tribulation period.

Psalms 73:1-75:10

Some psalms written by a worship leader named Asaph. These emphasize the holiness of God and the blessings of living with a clean heart before the Lord. The wicked seem to prosper for a while, but it will be better for the one who fears the Lord.

Psalms 69:1-72:20

King David sings out, "save me, O God!" How shall we escape if we neglect salvation offered by Jesus? And Psalm 71 is the "old man's psalm," confident that God will not abandon us when our strength is gone and our hairs are gray.

Psalms 67:1-68:35

These psalms invite us to sing unto the Lord with stringed instruments, and 68 tells how God will one day scatter his enemies, and reward the faithful ones who were true to him in life.

Psalms 61:1-66:20

Another cluster of David's psalms, the cry of a man thirsting for "the Rock that is higher than I." God has made us to thirst for him; and only HE can quench that thirst~!

Psalms 56:1-60:12

Some of the delightful psalms. David worships God who is trustworthy, will judge the earth in total righteousness, and has delivered him from his enemies.

Psalms 52:1-55:23

More psalms written by King David, writing about the coming of the Man of Sin, the Antichrist, and how friends will betray one another, yet inviting us to cast our cares and difficulties upon the Lord and he will lift us up.

Psalms 51:1-19

The great penitential prayer of King David, after he had committed adultery and murder. Is there any hope for you and ME? If God took David back, he will take us too if we are contrite and humble.

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