Acts 15:12-41

Ever wonder what God is doing? That’s exactly what the godly men in Acts 15 were doing as they held the first church council in Jerusalem around 50 A.D. Witness the outcome of that council, see Paul and Barnabas disagree, and watch Barnabas go home to share the gospel as Paul and Silas go another direction.

Acts 15:1-13

If you’ve ever been a part of a start-up—whether that be a company or a new church plant—you know firsthand there’s a lot that needs deciding. In this study of Acts we look at the issues that faced the early church. Luke called these issues “no small dispute.” Together we’ll learn how godly people disagree and how to resolve conflict.

Acts 14:1-28

The first journey of Paul and Barnabas was difficult. They had faced opposition, resistance, and threats of violence. It would have made sense to go home. But they also discovered fresh faith. There’s a lot to learn from Acts 14 as Paul and Barnabas return to the church in Antioch and report that God had opened a “door” to the Gentiles.

Acts 13:1-52

The movement of the gospel continues in what Dr. J. Vernon McGee calls the final surge of the gospel beyond the boundaries of Israel. Travel with us as we see Paul become the dominant leader and Peter disappear from the scene.

Acts 12:1-25

Our God is unstoppable. As we study persecution of the church in Acts 12, Dr. McGee reminds us not to be discouraged when it comes to earthly persecution we may face. Why? Because God’s Word will always grow and multiply, no matter who tries to stop Him.

Acts 10:29-11:30

The story of Cornelius’ conversion continues. Follow along as we witness Peter preach the gospel and the Holy Spirit move.

Acts 9:39-10:28

When did Jesus’ story move from being a Jewish story to a Gentile story? Dr. J. Vernon McGee guides us through an important transition, when the gospel moves from Jerusalem to the world. Take a front row seat as Peter (a committed Jew) introduces Cornelius (gentile and the captain of the Roman Legion) to Jesus.

Acts 9:1-38

Do you ever think some people are too far gone to ever turn to Jesus for forgiveness of their sins? If we lived in first century Israel, we’d likely think Saul of Tarsus was too far gone. But not only did he turn to God to save him, God also used him to be one of the first to carry the name of Jesus to the world. It’s an amazing conversion story.

Acts 8:27-9:2

What three things are involved in a conversion? That’s what we’ll learn in this study of Acts. Come along as the church continues to scatter and lives change—beginning with the Ethiopian eunuch who meets Philip.

Acts 8:1-26

After the death of Stephen, Saul begins as the chief persecutor of Christians and the church scatters. Dr. J. Vernon McGee said Saul did the church a favor by this. What does that mean?

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