Genesis 28:1-22

Jacob is on the run and scared. Follow along as Dr. McGee’s takes us through a long lonely night in Bethel and see how God uses this pivotal situation to meet Jacob in a very special way.

Genesis 27:1-28:2

The home of Isaac and Rebekah is troubled. Hop aboard the Bible Bus as the saga continues with Rebekah and her favorite son, Jacob, scheming to steal Esau’s birthright. Their deception has long-lasting consequences and is a warning to us today.

Genesis 26:1-35

“Like father, like son.” That’s what we hear from Dr. McGee as we see Abraham’s sins carried on to his son, Isaac. Join us in Genesis 26 as Isaac lies about Rebekah being his wife, but ultimately God blesses Him for following His command not to travel to Egypt.

Genesis 25:1-34

After the death of Sarah, Abraham marries again and his family grows. Struggling with infertility, Isaac pleads with the Lord for a son and Rebekah gives birth to twins, Esau and Jacob. Travel with us through Genesis as the fascinating story of Abraham’s family continues and Dr. McGee shares wisdom about raising godly families.

Genesis 24:33-67

The romantic love story of Isaac and Rebekah continues. Abraham’s servant has been sent back to their home country to choose a wife for his son, Isaac. The way the servant finds God’s choice for a wife paints a beautiful parallel to how God sends His Spirit into the world today to seek out and capture the affection of God’s bride, the church.

Genesis 24:1-32

As our study of Genesis continues, we find Isaac grown and Abraham anxious to marry him off to a godly woman. The nearby Canaanites are idol worshippers, so Abraham sends his servant back home to find a suitable match. What happens next? Join us on the Bible Bus and find out.

Genesis 22:18-23:20

Walk beside Abraham as he returns to Beer-Sheba and his beloved wife Sarah dies at the age of 127. Follow along as Abraham looks for a fitting burial site and is offered a cave in modern-day Hebron, which is in Canaan, the land promised to him by God.

Genesis 22:1-18

Are we justified before God by faith or works? That’s the important discussion we’ll have as we walk through Genesis 22. Join us as Abraham willingly follows the command to sacrifice his son, Isaac, and God ultimately stops Him. Rich with symbolism that points to Jesus, you won’t want to miss this study.

Genesis 21:1-34

Abraham has come home. He’s gone south for the last time, now he’s living in the land of promise, and God is ready to fulfill His promise of a son—when Abraham is 100 years old! Pull up a chair at Abraham’s celebratory feast and witness as Ishmael begins to mock Isaac. Together we’ll see how these events are full of symbolism for us today.

Genesis 19:6-20:18

Sodom and Gomorrah are on the verge of destruction. At the prompting of angels, Lot grabs his family and runs. When his wife looks back to gaze upon all she is losing, she instantly turns into a pillar of salt. What happens next? Join as Dr. McGee guides us through another great study in the Old Testament book of Genesis.

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