Shema/Listen • Word Study Ep. 1

This week on the podcast we do something a little bit different. We try to look inside the biblical writers’ imaginations and think about what they were trying to picture when they used certain words. The Bible was originally written in Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic. For thousands of years its been passed down through translators. And sometimes the words that we read today in our Bibles don’t fit with the context the authors were originally using. Tim and Jon have a quick discussion on a popular Hebrew word “Shema.” It originally meant "to listen" and to the ancient Hebrew it was one of the most powerful words in the Scriptures, but today its importance is mostly lost.

What does Jesus do with his authority?

Jesus shares his authority and power with his followers so that they can form a new kind of family. Instead of being filled with feuds and rivalries, this family is ordered by Jesus' redefinition of power as love. #shorts #BibleProject #biblevideo #bible

Why the Story of the Bible Ends With a City • The City Ep. 13

In the Bible, cities have a bad reputation as centers of immorality and unrighteous living. First-century followers of Jesus continued to live in cities, but they lived by an other-worldly ethic set by Jesus. Their way of living was so different that Jesus’ followers began to talk about their citizenship being primarily in a coming heavenly city, rather than the physical city in which they lived. In this episode, join Jon and Tim as they wrap up our theme study of the city. Show Music “Defender (Instrumental)” by TENTS “Lost Love” by Toonorth “Acquired In Heaven” by Beautiful Eulogy

Sin means redefining our bad decisions as good

The word "sin" means missing the goal of loving God and people. Sin leads us to deceive ourselves. And in the Bible, when people are failing at loving God, they often think they are succeeding. #shorts #BibleProject #biblevideo #bible

Why the Design of Noah’s Ark Matters

This session is from the BibleProject Classroom class Noah to Abraham, taught by Dr. Tim Mackie. The entire class is available for free on the BibleProject app at In this session, we take a closer look at the design of Noah’s ark. Tim walks us through the ways that the ark’s design calls to mind earlier images of the garden in Eden.

Holy Spirit QR

Jon and Tim respond to listener questions regarding The Holy Spirit. This was the first Q&R episode every recorded for the show!

How did Jesus use his power?

Jesus' earliest followers called him the firstborn of all creation–Jesus had enough power to bring the world into existence! But Jesus redefined how power could be used. He demonstrated that true power is love and authority looks like serving others. #shorts #BibleProject #biblevideo #bible

Why Jesus Kept Going to Jerusalem • The City Ep. 12

As the story of the Bible unfolds, the expectation for a city of God—a new Jerusalem where Heaven and Earth will be fully united—continues to grow. Yet the gospel authors seem to think this new Jerusalem is most fully realized in Jesus himself. So if Jesus is the new Jerusalem, what’s his relationship with the physical city of Jerusalem? In this episode, Tim and Jon discuss how Jesus and his followers become the new Jerusalem.

The Stinky Cheese on the Sinai Hamburger

The middle section of the Sinai narrative contains the story's most disappointing moment—the people decide they don't want to go near God. #shorts #BibleProject #biblevideo #bible

Holy Spirit in the New Testament • Holy Spirit E3

This is the final part of our conversation on the Holy Spirit. Tim and Jon look at how the Holy Spirit is discussed in the New Testament.

Giving Sounds Good

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