Can sin be in God's presence?

God designed the tabernacle to move toward sin in order to redeem it and invite people to enter his presence. #shorts #bible #biblevideos

Jerusalem: A Tale of Two Cities • The City Ep. 9

Israel was meant to be a picture of the heavenly city of God, but over time, it began to look more like Babylon, Nineveh, and Sodom and Gomorrah. In the scroll of Isaiah, the prophet announces Yahweh’s coming judgment on Israel because of their oppression of other humans. Join Tim and Jon as they discuss the city of God in the scroll of Isaiah.

Why was Jesus anointed with water instead of oil?

Israel's priests and kings were anointed with oil to set them apart as leaders and God's representatives. But Jesus was anointed with water and Spirit because he is the ultimate Anointed One. Jesus doesn't just act as a bridge between Heaven and Earth. He brought Heaven to Earth with the power of God’s Spirit. #shorts #BibleProject #biblevideo #bible

What does cosmology mean?

Cosmology refers to the words or imagery used to describe the ordered world. When we read Genesis 1, we are introduced to the cosmology of the biblical authors. Studying this one chapter will unlock key themes woven throughout the entire Bible. #shorts #BibleProject #biblevideo #bible

The Anointed Question and Response

When Jesus tells Nicodemus people must be born again of water and Spirit, is that connected to the anointing theme? Is Jesus’ anointing in the Jordan supposed to remind us of the flood story? Does an antichrist have to first be a christ (anointed one)? In this episode, Tim and Jon explore your questions about the theme of the anointed. Thanks to our audience for your incredible questions!

City of God or City of Cain? • The City Ep. 8

When we first read about Jerusalem in the Bible, it appears to be a golden city—founded by David, a center of victory, prosperity, and unity. But it doesn’t take long for the cracks to begin to show, and Jerusalem becomes a home for idolatry and oppression. What happened to the city David founded to cause the prophet Micah to accuse it of being a city founded on human bloodshed? In this episode, Tim and Jon talk about how even the so-called city of God can resemble the city of Cain. Show Music “Defender (Instrumental)” by TENTS “Ah” by a contributor “Wonderful” by Beautiful Eulogy “New Babylon” by McKinley Wilson Original sound design by Dan Gummel

Why do the Israelites pour oil over the tabernacle tent?

The practice of anointing with oil is an ancient ritual that marked people and places as bridges between Heaven and Earth. #shorts #BibleProject #biblevideo #bible

What the Biblical Authors Meant by the Word "Earth"

This session is from the BibleProject Classroom class Heaven and Earth, taught by Dr. Tim Mackie. The entire class is available for free on the BibleProject app at What did the biblical authors intend to communicate when they used the word "earth?" Genesis 1 is an ancient cosmology that uses specific words and images to describe the ordered world as understood by ancient people. When we study this chapter, we can discover how the writers of the Bible understood the structure of the world and its origins In Hebrew, the word for "earth" ('erets) typically means land rather than a globe or sphere floating in space. The raqia' is the solid dome above the land that holds back the waters above, and the creation of the raqia' creates a place where life can flourish. Dive into Genesis 1 and explore how these Hebrew words can help us see the important theological claim being made through this cosmology picture.

What Hebrew word describes the betrayal of a relationship?

The Hebrew word "pesha" describes the betrayal of a relationship. Pesha is used repeatedly throughout the Bible as humans continually betray their covenant relationship with God and violate one another’s trust. #shorts #BibleProject #biblevideo #bible

What's in your Bible? • How to Read the Bible Ep. 2

In this episode, Tim and Jon give an overview of the entire Bible with a focus on the Hebrew Scriptures. They also spend some time going deep into the structure of the book from beginning to end. The Bible, like any other book, experienced human revision. The guys talk about what it means for the Bible to be a work of literary genius created by humans and also the divine word of God.

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