Ruth 2:3-13

Ruth begins to glean in the fields and Boaz takes notice. What happens next?

Ruth 1:10-2:2

Two widowed daughters-in-law are faced with a difficult choice. Ruth chooses loyalty and her reward is a love story that extends far beyond the time of Ruth, Naomi, and Boaz.

Ruth 1:1-9

Against the dark and sinful backdrop in the days of the Judges, God gives us a beautiful and bright story of love and redemption. Dr. McGee guides us through the powerful account of Ruth, Naomi, and Boaz, and shows the parallels in God’s love for us.

Judges 17:1-21:25

The “hoop of history,” as Dr. McGee calls it, has come full circle in Judges 17-21. God has mercy when His people cry out to Him for help, then He rescues them, they prosper, then they turn their backs on God, and get pounded by their enemies till they turn back to God once more. In our studies we’ve seen it repeatedly—but nowhere better than right here in Judges.

Judges 14:1-16:31

Don’t waste the opportunities God gives you. That’s what we’ll learn from Sampson as we travel the pages of Judges 14-16 and see the tragic end of a man who could lived a life that glorified God, but instead wasted it in sin.

Judges 12:1-13:25

Can God use our failure for His glory? That’s what Dr. J. Vernon McGee is talking about as we come to Judges 12 and 13. So, join us as we study the last four judges in a very dark part of Israel’s history.

Judges 11:7-40

“What if I rashly promise God something in a crisis and then later don’t do it? Am I condemned?” That’s the situation facing Jephthah in Judges 11. Will Jephthah really have to sacrifice his daughter? Hop aboard the Bible Bus as God’s Word tells us about the importance of the vows we make and more.

Judges 10:3-11:11

The children of Israel have arrived at the lowest point in their history throughout the time of the judges. Will they finally turn back to God? If they do, will God once again send help? Dr. J. Vernon McGee answers these questions and more as our study of the Old Testament book of Judges continues in chapters 10 and 11.

Judges 8:1-10:2

The saga of Gideon and the Israelites continues. After the battle, the people want Gideon as king, but wisely he refuses. However, in the years to follow, Gideon makes several bad choices in his personal life and God doesn’t approve. What happens next?

Judges 6:34-7:25

God’s light shines best through broken pots. That’s what we’re learning as we study the life of Gideon. Join us and see how God can take our weaknesses and use them for His victory.

Judges 6:1-35

Israel is oppressed by the Midianites, so God sends a prophet to explain why. When they cry out for mercy, God sends another judge named Gideon. Like the rest, Gideon has faults, but can he overcome them and become the man God has in mind?

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