James 1:16-19

How God tests the quality of each believers' faith. Temptation is allowed, to see what we will or won't do with it.

James 1:13-15

Who is responsible for tempting us? God does not tempt anyone with sin, but…. WE are tempted, when we are drawn away by our OWN lusts.

James 1:3-13

We are going to have our faith tested to see if we can persevere. Suffering teaches the believer how to pray and seek the Lord, which is a skill needed in life. Pain teaches us this much more effectively than a whole life of pleasure.

James 1:3-11

McGee takes on the question of why do good people suffer? It helps to know that there is a purpose in everything that happens, and God uses adversity to refine the believer in ways that cannot be done by any other means.

James 1:1-3

While we are saved by faith in Christ, James shows us what saving faith should look like. We are not saved by works, but saving faith definitely works!

Hosea 11:1-14:9

In spite of the sin of ancient Israel, God pronounced his everlasting love for them, and reminded them that their repentance would bring restoration.

Hosea 10:2-11:1

Hosea pronounces a dire judgment against the double-minded sin of ancient Israel, and the main punishment was going to be their banishment from the promised land.

Hosea 9:3-10:1

Hosea's tough message to old Israel was that they had crossed the line and punishment was coming… even a loving God must take his rebellious child to the "woodshed" sometimes.

Hosea 8:1-9:6

The law of the harvest is that we reap the same kind of seed that we sow. But we reap it in much greater quantity. Israel had sown the wind, and they were about to reap the whirlwind.

Hosea 7:1-16

What happens when a nation has once had the Word of God but turns away from it, parading their sin openly?

Hosea 5:15-6:11

God would rather pardon than punish, but his patience runs out at some point, as it did in the case of the old northern kingdom of Israel.

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