Romans 8:6-17

What’s the secret to Spirit-filled living? That’s what we talk about in this study of Romans.

Romans 8:1-8

We’re in for some incredible scenery as the Bible Bus arrives at the high peak of Romans 8.

Romans 7:7-25

If you’re trying to live the Christian life on your own, you’re working way too hard. That’s what we learn as the Bible Bus arrives at Romans 7:7.

Romans 7:1-6

“An all-important section in the Word of God” is how Dr. J. Vernon McGee describes Romans 7. Today the Bible Bus sets out to examine the shackles of a saved soul.

Romans 6:13-23

Many don’t realize they are in bondage—servants and slaves to sin. Dr. J. Vernon McGee clearly describes how true freedom can only be found when we place our hope and trust in Jesus.

Romans 6:1-14

What’s the difference between justification and sanctification? Dr. J. Vernon McGee talks about this and so much more.

Romans 5:9-21

In this message we hear about the last two benefits of salvation and move into a study of how a believer can be sanctified—or set apart—for God.

Romans 5:1-9

The benefits of salvation is Dr. J. Vernon McGee’s topic today. Hop aboard as we discover that beyond eternal life, there are many benefits for the believer on earth as well.

Romans 4:1-25

Salvation is by faith alone. If you’ve been studying with us for the past couple weeks you’ve heard the Apostle Paul’s very convincing argument for this statement. But what about the Old Testament? How were men like Abraham and David saved?

Romans 3:22-31

“How can I be right with God?” That’s what we’re discovering in our study of Romans as we learn about righteousness, justification, grace, mercy, and faith.

Romans 3:5-22

We are all sinners. That’s the hard truth we’re faced with as we travel through the book of Romans. But in this case, difficult truth leaves an opening for amazing grace.

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