Genesis 19:6-20:18

The sinners of Sodom surround Lot's house, but the angels rescue him from the mob and tell him the city is about to be destroyed. Lot flees with his two daughters only; everyone else in his family was left behind in unbelief as the city was destroyed.

Genesis 18:9-19:5

Angelic visitors promise that Abraham's wife Sarah would have a son within a year. They also warn Abraham that the city of Sodom would be destroyed, so he pleaded with God hoping that his nephew Lot and family, who lived in Sodom, would be delivered.

Genesis 17:8-18:8

Abraham and Sarah were still waiting for that child of promise; but they were getting along in years, and… no child… UNTIL Abraham entertains angels unawares, and the Abrahamic Covenant is given! God sometimes takes time to honor his promises, but he always does.

Genesis 16:6-17:7

Abraham and Sarah stagger in their faith, and try to help God out. God takes care of Hagar, and promises to make a nation out of her child Ishmael. But He makes a covenant with Abraham promising him that child of promise, and giving him the sign of the covenant... circumcision.

Genesis 15:6-16:5

God's great promise to childless Abram, that he would be father of many nations! And Abraham "believed God, and it was counted unto him for righteousness."

Genesis 14:12-15:6

The great first war, as Abraham led his combined forces against the enemy kings who had kidnapped Lot. Afterwards he was met by the approving but mysterious figure of Melchizidek the priest of Salem.

Genesis 12:13-14:11

Even Father Abraham, the man of faith, fell into fear and failure. God does not shy away from reporting the lapses of his most trusted people, and all sins can be forgiven. Abraham and Lot split up (like churches do sometimes).

Genesis 12:1-12

We begin the story of the Jewish Patriarchs starting with the greatness of Abraham. His greatness had to do with his great faith in God who had called him.

Genesis 11:4-32

Have you ever wondered how all the different languages got started? Trace it back to the Tower of Babel! It was God himself who "confounded their languages" so all the people of the earth could not fight together against him. What happens when man builds empires but excludes God.

Genesis 10:1-11:3

We see how all the people groups of the nations sprung from the three sons of Noah and migrated abroad. The official name for the chart of these origins is "the Table of Nations"

Genesis 9:1-29

God makes a covenant with Noah never again to destroy the earth by a flood. And we read here about how the world was repopulated after the great flood.

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