Isaiah 58:4-59:21

Acceptable and unacceptable religion according to God. Time for recognition of our sin, confession, and reform. There is no redemption without repentance.

Isaiah 57:6-58:3

It seems the righteous go through many trials on earth, but God promises comfort for those who are faithful and contrite. When counting the cost of following Christ, remember to count the cost of NOT following him!

Isaiah 56:1-57:5

God's salvation was not intended only for Israel, but was to be made available for the entire world. There will be believers in Christ from every tribe, tongue and nation!

Isaiah 55:1-13

God invites those who are thirsty, possibly weary, worn, and sad in the rigors of life, "come to the waters." Living water will quench the soul of anyone from any nation who thirsts for God.

Isaiah 53:5-54:17

A section which really describes the suffering of Christ on the cross for us, which sheds a proper light on John 3:16… "God so loved the world that He GAVE his only-begotten Son that whoever believes on Him should have eternal life."

Isaiah 53:1-6

One of the clearest and most graphic Old Testament descriptions of God's Suffering Servant, who would be pierced for our transgressions, and crushed for our iniquities.

Isaiah 52:1-53:1

Awake O Zion! How God promised to redeem Israel through the sending of his Son, the Christ, not to be a military conqueror, but to be the suffering servant.

Isaiah 50:2-51:23

The Messianic prophecy contrasting the obedience of Christ vs. the sin of old Israel to whom He was sent. Then we are told that God's salvation is for keeps!

Isaiah 49:1-50:4

God, through Isaiah, promises to send a Redeemer to restore Israel, a Messianic prophecy. Yet it does not seem that old Israel was grateful, but they rebuffed God's overtures.

Isaiah 47:1-48:22

Isaiah again warns about the future fall of Babylon, which was an idolatrous nation. Then, he warns the stubborn people of Israel who would not listen.

Isaiah 45-46

Here we find Isaiah predicting the rise of King Cyrus of Persia, who would be the one to send the Israelite captives back to their homeland. We also find that God hates idolatry in all of its forms.

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