Philippians 3:2-6

Paul gives a testimony of his remarkable conversion. Looking back, he lists all the reasons why he used to vainly think he was a righteous person when he really wasn't.

Acts 27:35-28:31

The Apostle Paul survives shipwreck and marooning on Malta, then finally arrives in Rome. Acts ends, but the story is not over! The church continues today where Paul left off.

Acts 27:14-35

Paul suffers shipwreck in the Mediterranean Sea; it shows the child of God is not immune from trouble. But, as God was with Paul, so he will be with us in the storm.

Acts 26:29-27:13

Paul writes to his followers from prison. He is able to see the big picture, rejoicing in the knowledge that what has happened to him has resulted in the spreading of the Gospel.

Acts 26:1-28

The Apostle Paul preaches to Agrippa, who "almost" became a Christian. How sad it would be, to be "almost" saved on the Day of Judgment.

Acts 25:22-26:4

The Apostle Paul is permitted to stand before King Agrippa and Queen Bernice. This was not a formal trial; it was God making a way for Agrippa to be given the opportunity to hear the Gospel.

Acts 24:25-25:23

Paul appeals to Caesar, and is shuffled off to stand before Festus, who toyed with him, and then to King Agrippa. God was allowing Paul to testify Jesus's name before kings and rulers of this world.

Acts 24:1-27

The apostle Paul must stand before proud earthly rulers, to be judged for preaching the Gospel. Governor Felix and his wife Druscilla get to hear the Gospel straight from Paul's mouth.

Acts 23:1-35

Paul has to suffer challenges for the sake of the Gospel. He goes before the Sanhedrin council, is threatened with death, and must stand before the governor Felix.

Acts 21:26-22:30

Paul knew he would be mistreated when he returned to Jerusalem, and that is exactly what happened. But, what men meant for evil, God turned into a wonderful opportunity for him to preach.

Acts 21:1-25

Paul returns to Jerusalem by ship, after his third missionary journey to Greece and Asia Minor. He is told that suffering awaits him in Jerusalem.

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