Isaiah 16:6

We continue our Bible tour through the ancient Middle East as we study Isaiah’s prophecy in chapters 16-18. Find out more about end times, especially as it relates to Syria, Ethiopia, and more.

Isaiah 14:1-16:14

As we continue our look at the prophecies that were fulfilled by Jesus, and those which are yet to be fulfilled by His Second Coming, our teacher Dr. J. Vernon McGee answers some important questions including: What will happen to Satan? Will Babylon be rebuilt? And who are the Moabites?

Isaiah 13:19-14:14

Have you wondered how one of the most beautiful and powerful angels could have walked away from God? That’s the story we’ll hear about as our study of Isaiah 13-14 continues. Join us as Dr. J. Vernon McGee takes us through the infamous demonic fall and explains how our culture today promotes the very same sinful thinking that led to Satan’s demise.

Isaiah 12 and 13

Israel has entered the kingdom and is singing praises to God at the temple. That’s what we find as we begin our study of Isaiah, chapters 12 and 13. Join us for this incredible song of praise, and see how God’s judgement of Babylon will come to pass as our study of the Great Tribulation continues.

Isaiah 11

God has a purpose and a plan for this crazy world. That’s the encouragement we’ll hear today as we continue to study Isaiah’s prophecy of God’s judgement, the second coming of Jesus Christ, and the Great Tribulation.

Isaiah 10

Isaiah’s prophecy of God’s judgement continues as we begin our study of chapter 10. Grab your Bible and get ready as we learn more about the second coming of Jesus Christ and the establishment of His kingdom on earth.

Isaiah 9

One of the highlights of every Christmas season is when God’s people stand at the first notes of the familiar Handel’s “Hallelujah Chorus.” The entire “Messiah” oratorio is remarkable—with masterful orchestration and inspired lyrics. Where did these words come from and what is the deeper meaning? Find out in our study of Isaiah, chapter 9.

Isaiah 8

There are consequences to the choices we make. That’s what we’re talking about as we learn more about King Ahaz in our study of Isaiah, chapter 8. How will Ahaz react to Assyria’s invasion? Will the birth of Isaiah’s second son change anything? Will Ahaz realize His need for God and come to salvation?

Isaiah 7

In Isaiah chapter 7, we’ll meet a group of people who are earnestly interested in knowing what is true and what is false about God. Will they believe the prophecy of Jesus’ birth? Hop aboard the Bible Bus as we continue this important study and meet a godless king named Ahaz.

Isaiah 7:14

The good news of great joy is not just for Christmas! Join us in chapter 7 as we examine the prophecy of Jesus’ birth, as well as Isaiah’s prophecy to Hezekiah that the Assyrians would not take Jerusalem in his lifetime.

Isaiah 6:3-13

“Holy, holy, holy is the LORD of hosts; the whole earth is full of His glory!” These beautiful words from Isaiah 6:3 have inspired countless songs, poems, and sermons. In this study we’ll see them in context as we witness Isaiah’s response when he encounters the holiness of God.

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