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1 Samuel 24a-2 - The Risk of Reconciliation

From Salt and Light …If you were in David's sandals, standing next to a sleeping king who was seeking to …

1 Samuel 31a-2 - Saul's Last Stand

From Salt and Light …Do you rob God of his glory? Did you even consider it to be possible to rob God? H…

5 Guidelines to Overcome Loneliness

From Guidelines …Loneliness has a cure.…

5 Steps to Using Biblical Principles to Negotiate

From Guidelines …Unresolved conflict creates more division and devastating consequences.…

6 Secrets of Strong Families

From Guidelines …Do you ever wonder why stress causes some families to break up while it only strengt…

7 Guidelines for Financial Survival

From Guidelines …Here's what you can do to personally make your financial position stronger in the fu…

A Baptism of Spirit and Fire

From Wisdom for the Heart …John the Baptist promised two types of baptisms as he introduced Jesus' ministry, ba…

A Birth Like No Other

From Christian Crusaders …C. S. Lewis once said, “Jesus was conceived when God took off the glove of natur…

A Breath of Fresh Air

From Truth in the Test Tube …If you think lungs are just inflatable balloons, today's program will blow you away!…

A Call to Suffering

From Fresh ……
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1 Minute of Hope

A Firsthand Conversation with

A TWR Christmas Collection: 2021


Audio Prayer Calendar

Bible Stories Alive

Cary Alliance Church

Champions Arise

Christ to the World Ministries

Christian Crusaders

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Berni Dymet




Steve Kramer


Russel Abrahams

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1 Samuel

By Salt and Light

A Flurry of Wings

By Running to Win

A Guided Tour of Your Body

By Truth in the Test Tube

A Legacy of Light

By Wisdom for the Heart

A song of loves

By Rendezvous


By Michael Easley inContext

All the Places to Go

By Christian Crusaders

Am I the Kind of Person God Saves?

By Grace to You

Anxiety - Free Living

By Grace to You

Best of Tony Evans 2021

By The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans
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