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2 Chronicles 10:1-12:10

From Thru The Bible …Because of Solomon's apostasy at the end of his life, God divided the kingdom between Solomo…

2 Chronicles 12:10-15:12

From Thru The Bible …When Solomon's son Rehoboam abandoned the law of God, God permitted enemies to come in and a…

2 Chronicles 15:13-17:9

From Thru The Bible …The account of Asa's revival in old Judah contains conditions for revival. In the last episo…

2 Chronicles 17:9-19:2

From Thru The Bible …King Jehoshaphat, one of the brighter shining lights in the leadership of old Judah, has an …

2 Chronicles 19:1-21:7

From Thru The Bible …Jehoshaphat learned his lesson after making a failed alliance with the godless king Ahab. J…

2 Chronicles 1:1-2:5

From Thru The Bible …Introducing II Chronicles, with the throne being transferred to Solomon after the death of K…

2 Chronicles 21:7-24:3

From Thru The Bible …We hear more of the history of the kings of old Judah; the murderous Jehoram, Ahaziah and hi…

2 Chronicles 24:1-26:5

From Thru The Bible …Joash takes over as King of Judah, and does right as long as Jehoiada the priest was around …

2 Chronicles 26:4-28:47

From Thru The Bible …The funeral of King Uzziah could be called a "happy funeral," because the death of a faithfu…

2 Chronicles 28:4-30:16

From Thru The Bible …As we study the kings of old Judah, we see the reigns of the wicked king Ahaz, but then alon…
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Christian Crusaders

Encouraging Words



Grace Notes

Grace to You

Grand Old Gospel Hour


ICM's Mini Bible College

Light to Guide Our Feet

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Berni Dymet


Steve Kramer


Dr. Richard A. Bennett

Stephen Davey


Dr. Tony Evans


Dr. B. Sam Hart


Dr. Tony Hart


Dr. David Jeremiah


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2 Chronicles

By The Word for Today

2 Chronicles

By Thru The Bible

2016 Presidential Election

By Michael Easley inContext

ELIJAH - a man for the times

By Grace Notes


By Footsteps

Old Testament Survey

By ICM's Mini Bible College

Prayer in the Sanctuary

By Light to Guide Our Feet

Race, Culture & Christ (Compilation)

By The Alternative with Dr. Tony Evans

Real Life Real Faith

By The Moody Church

Revival in the Land

By Grace Notes
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